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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Future help with some trophies

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  • As the title says, I'm looking for some help sometime later on with a few games that I can't complete without a few people.


    -1. Dead Island:  One of my favorite Zombie games.  Love the combat and for a first attempt by this relatively new company, they did really good.  Sadly, I have like no one on my Psn that also owns the game and I'm looking to get the online/co-op trophies down.  I'd rather not just randomly jump into people's games as 9 time out of 10 they leave soon as they notice ( it is kinda rude).  So im looking to get 3 others and just knock out 25 quests ( I'm up playing more of the game if anyone is interested too) that way we hit like 3-4 trophies with one big swing. Not to mention It would be fun to not play the game solo for once.

    Trophies aiming for

     Originality: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/dead-island/trophy/33819-Originality.html

    Ménage à trois: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/dead-island/trophy/33818-M%C3%A9nage-%C3%A0-trois.html

    Going steady: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/dead-island/trophy/33821-Going-steady.html ( together in the light will automatically be unlocked while working on this one)

    Extra credit Morituri te salutant: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/dead-island/trophy/34643-Morituri-te-salutant.html ( only available to those that have the Arena DLC.  I haven't tried the arena yet, so I have no idea what they are like.

    If this is able to be done or even attempted I would ever be so grateful as it sucks to not have anyone to own the same co-op games you do. 



    -2. Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3: Probably my go to fighting game for when I really want to have crazy fun.  I love the wacky roster of characters, over the top moves and supers/specials, totally love the art design. Though the game could benefit from an even bigger roster ( They totally should have had Blackheart, Gambit, Psylocke, Juggernaut,  B.B Hood and Servbot).  I usually play against my friends when they come over and we have some crazy matches that just make gaming so worth it.  While I'm not 100% going after all the trophies ( may change me mind *shrug*)  I would like a few people to play against online here and there, earning some online trophies along the way.  The only one I'd need work on is the 5 streak in a row.  I usually hit a 2-3 streak and then I get decimated badly.


    Feel free to add your own games that you may need help earning and/or respond to my own :3  Cheers.

  • I'll be glad to help you, I have both of those games. I may be rusty with Ultimate Marvel, but I'll still give it shot. I have already unlocked those Dead Island trophies that you are going for and I could easily replay it, since that is one of my favorite zombie games. Here's my PSN account jaejjm2410.

  • Sorry, I don't have either of those, or I would help.

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