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Do you have a game that you have unlocked Platinum in? Or two? Or three, or more? Do you like going trophy hunting and reminiscing about your unlocked ones? This is the group for you my friend.

Games you regretted selling/buying?

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  • I have a few  regrets lets start with ones I regretted buying!

    BLACKS OPS 2 - bought once, sold,bought again, sold!

    Brink - If you heard of this you SHOULD already know why!

    Selling (IMO these are games that should NEVER be sold): *Also note these have been/will be re-bought

    Red Dead Redemption - Sold 3 times now have for keeps!

    Infamous 1&2 (still needs re buy)

    Uncharted 1,2,3 (all 3 re buy)

    Soul Caliber 4

    Naruto Collectors Edition

    Destroy All Humans (do believe it was limited edition on PS3 dont ever see it anywhere)

    All God of War games

    Bioschock 1&2 (Got it back!)


    Few of Mine off the top of my head what are yours?

  • I don't really sell my games. I sold Metal of Honor: Frontline on PS2 so I could buy Pokemon Gold, or something like that. I ended up buying it back because I really liked the game.

    I regret buying all of the Assassin's Creed games. For some reason I have this hate for the series and yet, I end up getting all the games that come on the PS3. I kinda regretted by Dragon Age: Origins. Now, I like the game, don't get me wrong, but after I bought it they released an ultimate edition with all the DLC, so I was kinda bummed by that.

  • Wow man lol I cant believe you regret buying the A/C games! I have all of em! I like it! So when they FINALLY finish it ill just replay them all in one go!

  • The series is just not to my liking. I loved the setting in the first game and it started off so strong for the first hour, then it got boring. ACII was a big improvement and I loved the first half of the game. However, towards the later half of the game I found myself bored with it. BH, REV and III didn't stick with me either. If AC1 was not repetitive as it was, then it could have been one of my favorite games on PS3 because I really liked the setting and the idea behind it.

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