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Welcome my fellow blood-thirsty friends who want to feel the power and rage of Kratos. Here is your home, and you are free to discuss anything and everything related about God of War. May it be the best creatures in the game, your favorite God, anything. R

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  • Wiki Page: God of War Ascension includes demo of The Last of Us

    God of War Ascension Will include demo of The Last of Us Sony has announced that all copies of God of War Ascension (New combat and puzzle mechanics build on the award-winning God of War gameplay ) .will include a demo of The Last of Us . Currently not disclosed the contents of it, but this gives us...
  • Forum Post: ******SPOILER ALERT********Any Thoughts on GoWIII Ending? ****SPOILER ALERT*****

    ****SPOILER ALERT***** Yes, I know, the spoiler alert. Look, I don't want ppl getting pissed at me because of this thread. Now here I go. First, will there be a GoW4? Kratos kills himself at the end, which is really, well unexpecting. Since he has gone to Hades so many times before, and now since...
  • Forum Post: What difficulty will you play GOW3 on?

    I want the game to last as long as possible.... I'm 100% sure I'm not playing on normal..... How about y'all??
  • Forum Post: GoWIII Demo Today!!!

    Get the God of War III demo on PSN today!!! Just finished my 3rd playthrough!!!! Comment your thoughts here!!!!
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