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over critical GOW 3 reviews

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  • I think because this was the final installment of the series and the fact that it is God of War, most reviewers went a bit overboard on judging the game.   I read periodicals ranging from GameInformer to Nintendo Power, WebPages from IGN to GameTrialers, and yes I own all 3 systems, but I must say….. the level of nitpicking reviewers have given to the final installment of God of War is ridiculous.  If you have played the game then you already know its better than anything out there for this genre.  It is the best of the 3 games and goes over the top on everything.  I strongly believe that if GOW II had some design issues and were corrected in GOW III the average score/reviews would have been maxed out(similar to what we saw with Uncarted1 to Uncharted2 ).  To all those people reviewing the game I ask you – What could they have changed?  It’s a trilogy in the gaming world.  Did you expect a movable camera this time around?  A different mapped button scheme?  A different plot?  What??  If you start to change the core elements of a game you start to pull away at what made the series so successful and fun to play in the first place…. from a development standpoint, changing these things was not the focus.  It was to take everything that made GOW I , GOW 2, CoO, great and perfect it.  And believe me, this is what they did.  This game is like GOW on steroids.  Its bigger, bloodier, and more fun than the 3 previous installments (ps/psp) I can say that GOW III is without a doubt one of gaming’s best, most memorable games of all time. 

    Your thoughts?

  • GI gave it Two 10's even with a few disappointments. There was a mention of Sony putting their logo in a puzzle as the only disappointment. Geez man what do you want? A 15/10? Thats what it is but it would break their computers trying to print that on a scale of 10.

    Kratos vs. Master Chief
    Blades of Chaos vs. Mjolnir Armour
    Winner vs. Loser

  • I think GI gives out way too many ten's. It doesn't make any sense. I give GOW III a 9.9 but GI gave it a 10 while mentioning some faults. Isn't a 10 perfect? While GOW III may seem perfect, it certainly has some problems, however few there are. The graphics are breathtaking, but not all the way consistent. If I was an Xbox 360 owner I would call GI a fanboy.

    Luckily I'm not.

    Personally, I think GI's review is the least accurate. Check out IGN's review, for me its the best one.

    No offense GI, I still love you.

    CaNdLE + LiiGHT = OWNAGE

  • My god. a 10 is for a game that is almost perfect and though it may have some flaws, they are overshadowed almost completely by the rest of the game. If your waiting for a game that was pulled from Gods own @$$ and sent down to earth in meteors of gold I think you'll be waiting a long time.

  • Just saying my friend, calm down!

    CaNdLE + LiiGHT = OWNAGE

  • I doubt that any game can really reach true perfection where it equals pure gaming nirvana to everyone. Everyone has their own separate opinions. However, in the case of GOW III, despite a few relatively minor flaws, the rest of the game more than makes up for it. Complaining about a watered down story with less startling revelations than previous entries? I'll happily get over that for the ability to take down a titan, rip Hades apart, or smash Hercules's face in

  • @ CaNdLE_LiiGHT

    Yes, I know. I just had to s*** that particular kitten and get it out of my system.

  • Must echo oldrecords on this one...I don't see how a 10/10 can be in any way described as "overly critical"...what are we, Killzone 2 fanboys?

    Get your own Gamercard Sig.

  • I completely agree with GI's score, although no game can be completely perfect. If i could i would give this game and the series an 11/10.

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