My LittleBigPlanet 2 level company wants level creators. We are opening up 3 spots. 2 for levels and 1 for movies. To go up for the job you must make a level based on the concepts I give you. Then you must show it to me. After 3 months the best entries win! Below are the 3 concepts

Level Concept 1

Title: Super Speedster

Description: Using his super speed, Super Speedster goes on an epic adventure to save his girlfriend in distress

Level Concept 2

Title: Battlegrounds

Description: A muti-player online deathmatch

Movie Concept 1

Title: Digitrend

Description: One man can control the power of hologram. He can turn anything into a hologram and take whatever he wants. But when the town is at stake, can he use his powers for good, or doom the town forever.

You have three months.