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Ellie's age debate?

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  • We have all gotten a good look at Ellie from the trailers and game play that has been released so far. What were you immediate thoughts on her age? Maybe 13 or 14, right? Well, according to a destructoid article <here> released in early February, Ellie could be nine. According to Playstation's official site, the description for The Last Of Us clearly states, "Joel, a violent survivor, is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of an oppressive military quarantine zone...". So, what are your thoughts? Was this a mishap on destructoid's end? Or will the Last Of Us's story take place over a period of time?

  • She's 13 or 14. I mean look at her. She looks like a teenager. Plus that one description you stated, sayed smuggling a 14 year old girl. I'd doubt they lie to us so from trust, and sight, my bet she is 14.

  • I know I look younger than I am, and I'm not the best at guessing people's ages, but I think it's a stretch to think she's 9. I agree, I think she looks like she's around 14 years old. I'm thinking it's a mishap.  I think Clem was 9 in The Walking Dead, and Ellie definitely looks older than her.

  • She is clearly 14 because in the game Joel said something like "what are u 12" and she said by the way I'm 14 isn't that proof enough plus I'M 14 and look freaking 12

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