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You like raw power. You love playing the hottest looking games on the most powerful system out there, and you can't imagine watching a movie that isn't on Blu-ray. That's why you bought a PlayStation 3 in the first place, and that's why you're here.

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  • Forum Post: Selling you PS3 or keepin it?

    So are you selling your Ps3 to get the more powerful PS4? OR keeping em? Finishing up games youve put on hold? Im keeping mine btw and havin both! Now all I need is a PS1!
  • Forum Post: Games you regretted selling/buying?

    I have a few regrets lets start with ones I regretted buying! Buying: BLACKS OPS 2 - bought once, sold,bought again, sold! Brink - If you heard of this you SHOULD already know why! Selling (IMO these are games that should NEVER be sold): *Also note these have been/will be re-bought Red Dead Redemption...
  • Forum Post: Got Dark Souls Back now what should I do?

    I got a new PS3 a while back cuz my blu ray with my last slim was actin crappy so thats that story! Now I gotta start ALLLLLL over again! And Ive forgotten all the controls bosses weak points and moves, where to go, where NOT TO GO, When I SHOULDNT go! lol All that so I've played a few remembered...
  • Forum Post: For those that may sell their PS3s for a PS4....

    Since the PS4 is not backwards compatible....Will you be getting games you put on the back-burner that you've never 100% and try to plat em? I just had the thought of trying to platinum all the games that I can before I sold my Ps3... So will you try the same or just leave it be...
  • Forum Post: The Last Of Us are you getting the game?

    Are you getting it? And if so should we make clan for multiplayer? Also ive been seeing 10s and 9s across the board all over the net! Of course I expected nothing less form the creators of Uncharted!
  • File: God of War Unchained Video

  • File: God of War Batter Up Video

  • Blog Post: God of War Wallpapers

    I don't know why my files aren't popping up in the files section, but Here the links that will take you to them Perseus Concept Art Orion Kirra Kratos Odysseus Kratos 2 More awesome wallpapers will arriving soon, so check out this blog every so often. Enjoy, Spartans!!
  • File: God of War Concept Art

    Download it and let us know what'cha think.
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