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You like raw power. You love playing the hottest looking games on the most powerful system out there, and you can't imagine watching a movie that isn't on Blu-ray. That's why you bought a PlayStation 3 in the first place, and that's why you're here.

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    Alternate 3rd party gaming controllers other tahn PS3 controller What you need to know: There is nothing wrong with the stock controller offered for both 360 and PS3 as they do their jobs quite well, especially if you like having a wireless controller. Keep in mind that a lot of the fully featured third...
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    Playstation Plus [April 2013 Update] Dont worry if you dont know much about PlayStation+ Firstly, as PlayStation Plus is a pretty awesome service and there would never be a reason to leave if you purchase and redeem a one year subscription you will automatically receive an extra 90 days membership at...
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    For the purposes of creating a strong GIO presence in the Dust 514 universe, I suggest members post their usernames and stats below, so as to allow GIOers to find each other in-game. Thanks for sharing, and good luck out there Dusters!
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    God of War Ascension Will include demo of The Last of Us Sony has announced that all copies of God of War Ascension (New combat and puzzle mechanics build on the award-winning God of War gameplay ) .will include a demo of The Last of Us . Currently not disclosed the contents of it, but this gives us...
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    I don't know why my files aren't popping up in the files section, but Here the links that will take you to them Perseus Concept Art Orion Kirra Kratos Odysseus Kratos 2 More awesome wallpapers will arriving soon, so check out this blog every so often. Enjoy, Spartans!!
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    Download it and let us know what'cha think.
  • Forum Post: Anybody else disappointed with bethesda right now?

    With the Dawnguard dlc for Syrim already released for Xbox for about 2 1/2 weeks now and no release date yet for ps3, I'm starting to lose my patience. The timed exclusive was supposed to be a 30 day difference for Xbox and Ps3, and it shouldn't be too hard for Bethesda to say "July 25 is...
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    I am waiting on the release of Mass Effect 3 to lose more of my life since i have to have lost at least a month or so already to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Though I really want to get another big purchase as well so what is the next best thing?
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    This blog was created by ynoT0312Taz, a huge SSX fan. This group allows all SSX fans everywhere to get together and talk about SSX...stuff. :p SSX is a series of snowboarding and skiing( On Tour) video games published by EA Sports Big. More info:
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