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  • Section8:Prejudice, trailers

  • Section8:Prejudice,DCM's

    Airstrike View Large A squadron of strike aircraft is within bombing distance of enemy structures and it's your job to call them in to obliterate the enemy. Plant the Marker near an enemy Control Point to indicate the target area and watch the fireworks... More
  • Section8:Prejudice, Deployables.

    Anti-Air Turret View Large Anti-Air (AA) Turrets are used to suppress orbital drops and transport Dropships within a fixed radius. AA Turrets are most effective in the center of the radius, and can be used to suppress enemy infantry, deployables, and... More
  • Section8:Prejudice, Vehicles.

    Assault Mech View Large The Mech is an armored vehicle operated by a single infantry unit. Mechs provide superior support firepower and enhanced protection, but at the cost of functions such as Overdrive and Jetpack. The Mech is relatively agile and is... More
  • Section8:Prejudice, Environment.

    Atlas View Large Affectionately referred to as "Home away from Home," Atlas is a lush planet rich with life. Locals have lived there for many generations, and some will argue that its natural beauty dwarfs that of even Earth itself. For instance... More
  • Section8:Prejudice, Equipment.

    Select Equipment Beacon View Large Discreet and reusable, the Beacon is an essential espionage tool. Beacons can attach to any surface and provide a variety of effects in the surrounding area. A Beacon remains deployed as long as its owner remains active... More
  • Section8:Prejudice, Game modes.

    Assault View Large Assault is a team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time. While in the attack round, players must work together to capture all control points. During the defense round, players defend... More
  • Section8:Prejudice weapons.

    Assault Rifle View Large The Assault Rifle is standard issue to every USIF soldier. It is fitted with a MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system, and fires a 15mm case-less armor-piercing round. The MK2 EMJ system layers each round into a harmonically tuned... More
  • Section8:Prejudice characters.

    Alex Corde Name: Alexander William Corde Birthplace: Washington, Eastern Atlantic Coast Federal District, Earth Position: Captain, 1st Regiment, 8th Armored Infantry Rank: Captain Grandson to General Dean Corde, revered father of the USIF Armored Infantry... More
  • Wallpapers .

    here are some wallpapers from the section8:prejudice website . enjoy! More
  • Hello and welcome to the GIO Section 8:Prejudice group.Rules and introductions.

    Hello most of you know me as the grouchy old dude on here, but my Ps3 name is musicalxirene . I recently just purchased Section8:Prejudice and was so impressed with it due to it's low price and great game play that I started this group. So I figure... More