Assault Mech

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The Mech is an armored vehicle operated by a single infantry unit. Mechs provide superior support firepower and enhanced protection, but at the cost of functions such as Overdrive and Jetpack. The Mech is relatively agile and is well-suited for both offensive and defensive actions.

The Mech's weaponry is designed for close-quarters fighting and infantry suppression. It has three weapon systems that are designed for close and mid range combat: twin mounted miniguns, a powerful melee attack, and a devastating leap attack that provides additional mobility while providing effective shock-and-awe to enemy infantry.


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Dropships are used to transport vehicles and infantry to the battlefield from orbit, and are usually piloted by onboard artificial intelligence units. Care should be taken when planting a Dropship beacon to ensure that the requested vehicle is not destroyed in transit by enemy AA fire.

Heavy Tank

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Heavily armored, shielded, and weaponized; the Tank is the most powerful offensive resource available to infantry. The Tank supports a crew complement of up to four and can be used effectively against enemy fortifications, vehicles, and infantry. Tanks have recently been retrofitted with jetpack thrusters for increased mobility.

The Tank's weapon systems are powerful offensive weapons that dominate nearly any combat situation on the battlefield.  Each of the four weapon systems is operated independently by a separate crew member and mounts an explosive main cannon, twin mounted miniguns, quick-fire missile launchers, and a dual mortar system that is able to rapidly launch shells at enemy positions.

Hover Bike

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The Bike is a hovering, fast-moving scout vehicle used for reconnaissance and lightning-quick assaults. While structurally weaker than the other vehicles, it is the fastest and most mobile. In addition to its great mobility, the Bike is able to use its Speed Boost and jump great distances using its thrusters.

The Bike's weaponry consists of a balance between anti-infantry and anti-structure systems including dual-mounted miniguns designed for the suppression of armored infantry and a missile launcher that provides rapid launching of missiles at enemy structures.

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