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Assault is a team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time. While in the attack round, players must work together to capture all control points. During the defense round, players defend their bases for as long as possible.


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After delivering a crushing blow to the Arm of Orion in Section 8, the 8th Armored Infantry claims victory in the Outer Rim War. However, the division has suffered many terrible losses during its endeavor, breeding an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt amongst the soldiers. How could the small Arm of Orion inflict such serious wounds on the great 8th Armored Infantry?  Who supplied them with their vast, and deadly, arsenal? In Prejudice, Captain Alex Corde sets out to answer these lingering threads. As Corde unravels the mystery behind the Arm of Orion, he will discover a conspiracy that causes him to question everything he fights for.


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Conquest warfare is waged between the 8th Armored Infantry and the Arm of Orion for control of the battlefield.  Drop into the battlefield with one purpose: dominate the enemy in a relentless assault of enemy bases, utilizing a variety of on-demand deployables and vehicles and limitless loadout customization opportunities. Each team competes to complete critical missions and objectives, capture and hold Control Points, and score Victory Points (VP). When one team earns enough VP to meet the Victory Point goal, they are victorious and the enemy team is defeated.


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In Swarm, take the role of an 8th Armored Infantry soldier with 3 ally as you defend a single Control Point against an overwhelming number of attacking enemy units. To attain victory, your team must protect your Control Point from being captured by the enemy before reinforcements arrive. It's no simple task, but you didn't join the 8th Armored Infantry because it was easy.

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