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Discreet and reusable, the Beacon is an essential espionage tool. Beacons can attach to any surface and provide a variety of effects in the surrounding area. A Beacon remains deployed as long as its owner remains active, even if you switch to another piece of equipment; however, it is programmed to auto-destruct if its owner is killed or changes Loadouts.


  • Sensor Beacon - Detects nearby enemy units
  • Jammer Beacon - Jams nearby enemy sensors
  • Impedance Beacon - Stops nearby enemy regeneration


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These remotely triggered explosives make for devastating traps. They are indispensible for base defense and are useful for taking out base infrastructure ahead of a full-on assault. Several may be placed and detonated simultaneously for larger and more deadly explosions.


  • Crash Pack - Remote detonation, high vehicle and structure damage, low infantry damage
  • Proximity Pack - Automatic detonation, high player damage, medium vehicle damage
  • Concussion Pack - Remote detonation, slow effect with high shield damage, low armor damage


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Grenades are the standard issued equipment to all USIF infantry. They are known for their versatility and quick deployment. While some Grenades are outfitted with hostile proximity detection that prevents them from exploding whenever their owner is within the blast radius, others do not, so be mindful when throwing a grenade in close quarters.


  • EMP Grenade - Automatic proximity detonation, drains target's energy over time, very high shield damage, very low armor damage
  • Frag Grenades - Automatic proximity detonation
  • Fuse Grenade - Timed detonation
  • Napalm Grenade - Automatic proximity detonation, damages target over time, very high armor damage, very low shield damage


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Fast, agile, and deadly, the Knife is an excellent subterfuge weapon. The Knife deals exceptional damage but has limited range. Soldiers are encouraged to couple Loadouts containing the Knife with other subterfuge gear such as speed and stealth upgrades.


  • Serrated Knife - High damage
  • Electro Knife - Drains target's energy over time
  • Siphon Knife - Siphons armor from hostile target


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The Mortar is a large-area bombardment tool, launching a shell that shatters midair into numerous impact explosives. Its long range and high arc make it ideal for large outdoor areas. The mortar's smart-targeting system automatically adjusts its trajectory and velocity to try to hit the location of your indicated target. Its projected path and detonation zone is displayed to all friendly soldiers to provide unmatched accuracy and increased safety.


  • Crash Mortar - High vehicle and structure damage, low infantry damage
  • Napalm Mortar - Damages target over time, very high armor damage, very low shield damage
  • Riot Mortar - Fires crash shells, wider spread, high damage


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An invaluable tool on the battle field, Engineering tools have many functions on the battlefield including repairing damaged infantry, vehicles, and structures. While the Repair Tool is able to repair any friendly infantry, vehicles, or structures within its limited range, the Siphon Tool is used to siphon enemy armor and repair its user simultaneously.


  • Repair Tool - Repair self or friendly target
  • Siphon Tool - Siphons armor from hostile target, pierces shields

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