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Affectionately referred to as "Home away from Home," Atlas is a lush planet rich with life. Locals have lived there for many generations, and some will argue that its natural beauty dwarfs that of even Earth itself. For instance, the Twine Expanse, a valley located on the southern continent, is the size of Australia and houses a wider variety of plant life than is found on all of Earth. Its allure is said to be indescribable even to the most inspired poet.

In contrast to its wealth of life forms, the planet is largely devoid of minerals used in modern commercial or military ventures. The planet's location in the Outer Rim presented no strategic advantage to the USIF, therefore there was a minimal military presence. These facts yielded the element of surprise for the Arm of Orion when they sparked the invasions that grew into the Outer Rim War.

With enemy forces deeply entrenched, Atlas became the focal point for many critical encounters between the Orion and USIF forces, including the renowned battle at Land's End that resulted in the death of Arm Commander Soren. Having learned a costly lesson in the lives of its soldiers and civilians they were assigned to protect, the USIF now maintains one of its largest military installations on Atlas.


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Lying on the outskirts of the explored portion of the galaxy, Boreas was long thought of as an arctic wasteland where failed scientists and soldiers were sent on frigid missions as a form of punishment.

This changed recently when one such "failed" scientist, Tobias Rehnquist, discovered precious galavenium beneath the surface of the massive glaciers on Boreas. Galavenium is an invaluable metal when used as a superconductor that shields perfectly against radiation. These attributes make it a highly sought after material for the construction of starships.

Regional authorities claimed ownership of the galavenium deposits and large-scale mining operations followed shortly thereafter. Due to its remote location and internal conflict over resources, the USIF abandoned all interest in the planet, removing itself from the increasingly violent disputes over the planet's mining rights.

New Madrid

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New Madrid is one of humanity's finest achievements. Once a vast expanse of purely rock and sand, early settlers slowly terraformed the planet for over a century to create an arid ecosystem.  New Madrid now supports a score of native and imported lifeforms, not to mention a human population over 40 million.

New Madrid is one of the humanity's most prized possessions and crowning achievements, inspiring countless future generations of the greatness mankind can achieve when united in a common, righteous goal. While located in a strategically weak solar system, the sentimental value of the planet requires the USIF to maintain erratic patrols in nearby space.

The siege, and subsequent capture, of New Madrid by the Arm of Orion is considered the catalyst that finally forced the US Senate to deploy Section 8 against the Arm of Orion. Initially expected to be a 3-day reclamation action, Soren's clever defenses stalled Section 8 for weeks. Several USIF intelligence officers resigned their posts following the debacle, and USIF leaders have repeatedly clashed with Senate leaders over the botched action.


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Prometheus houses a blistering environment in which no known multicellular lifeform could survive. With temperatures that nearly melt USIF armor and a surface scoured with volcanoes both volatile and unpredictable, Prometheus is reserved only for those made of sterner stuff.

Any hope of colonizing the planet was abandoned 100 years ago, when a group of 4th generation settlers were incinerated after a nearby mountain erupted. Despite the existence of valuable heavy mineral deposits on the planet's molten surface, commercial mining enterprises consider operations on Prometheus to be disastrously unprofitable. The lack of commercial attention to the planet has doomed it to obsolescence, leaving it to join the rank and file of numerous other inhospitable worlds.

Old reports indicate that the USIF briefly maintained a military installation on the planet, but no USIF traffic has been seen in the system in decades. All information regarding the base's purpose is strictly classified, and it is assumed the base ultimately met the same disastrous fate as the 4th generation settlers.

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