Anti-Air Turret

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Anti-Air (AA) Turrets are used to suppress orbital drops and transport Dropships within a fixed radius. AA Turrets are most effective in the center of the radius, and can be used to suppress enemy infantry, deployables, and vehicle drops. Most Control Points are equipped with at least one AA Turret for defense, if not several.

Minigun Turret

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Minigun Turrets are most effective against enemy infantry. Minigun Turrets will fire relentlessly upon any enemy unit entering its sensor radius and have been programmed to continue until its target has been defeated.

Missile Turret

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Missile Turrets are most effective against enemy vehicles and structures. Missile Turrets will rapidly fire an onslaught of missiles upon any enemy unit entering its sensor radius.

Sensor Array

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Sensor Arrays are used to detect enemy units within a fixed radius. Enemy units entering the radius are quickly detected and appear on the tactical map and HUD IFF, making this deployable invaluable to soldiers looking to gain additional recon from their enemy.

Supply Depot

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Supply Depots provide support for ground infantry by allowing them to repair armor damage, resupply ammunition reserves, and change Loadouts. Supply Depots are also invaluable, especially when grouped together, for repairing deployables and vehicles in the thick of battle and an Engineer is not available to provide constant repair support.

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