View Large AirStrike

A squadron of strike aircraft is within bombing distance of enemy structures and it's your job to call them in to obliterate the enemy. Plant the Marker near an enemy Control Point to indicate the target area and watch the fireworks.


View Large Convoy

A Dropship has suffered catastrophic damage from AA fire, and its mission critical vehicle is being dropped into contested territory. Secure the vehicle and escort it to its intended destination. Equipped with missile and mortar launchers, the Convoy is a valuable and powerful weapon.


View Large Elimination

The order has been given: take no prisoners; hunt and eliminate all enemy players without hesitation.


View Large Infiltrator

Engineers have recovered a powerful enemy armor suit  prototype and have modified its armor plating with a new, lightweight alloy plating currently used by Dropships. Use this Suit to turn the tide of battle by infiltrating and capturing an enemy Control Point.


View Large Intel

Codes for access to the enemy sensor network have been identified. Sneak behind enemy lines and retrieve this Intelligence to compromise their positions and exploit this knowledge the fullest.


View Large Jammer

A wide-area sensor jammer has been deployed on the battlefield. Maintain control of the Jammer Array while our engineers secure our connection from enemy hacks, providing a critical battlefield advantage.


View Large Outpost

A forward Outpost stocked with supplies and equipped with AA defenses is deployed as a launchpad for offensive strikes. Defend it for greater control of the battlefield.


View Large Recover

A next-generation prototype spacecraft has exploded in high orbit. Recover the nearby Wreckage to prevent the loss of the sensitive technical designs from the enemy.


View Large VIP

A transport ship has been crippled by enemy fire, forcing the commander to eject onto the battlefield. Escort this VIP to safety from enemy fire until reinforcements arrive.

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