Hello most of you know me as the grouchy old dude on here, but my Ps3 name is musicalxirene . I recently just purchased Section8:Prejudice and was so impressed with it due to it's low price and great game play that I started this group.

So I figure that we should have some ground rules and here they are.

Try not to curse.

No flaming or trolling.

No dirty pics.

Be yourself

Have fun.

Other than that I guess I'm pretty cool with the rest of it Well except for racial slurs I will ban your behind quick. I don't believe in that it's wrong. But if you want to set up a match on the PS3 with me leave me a message and we will set up a time to play. Who knows we might wind up having a frag fest.

Well that's all for now feel free to leave comments below and thanks for joining.