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Welcome to the God of War Club, where we talk about many things like our favorite sequel, favorite weapons, favorite death, and more!! We have around 50 awesome god of war wallpapers! We will also be discussing the latest news in the upcoming, and highly a

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  • Forum Post: Favorite Weapon!!!!!

    Besides The Blades of chaos, athena and exile, What is your favorite weapon in each of the God of War game in the series?
  • Forum Post: God Of War Movie!!!

    I think a god of war movie sounds awesome!! I wonder who will play the roll of Kratos?
  • Forum Post: Whaddya Think About the Group?

    From what I see, this group isn't going exactly as I had hoped. I'm curious to what you guys think about this group. Is there anyone who thinks that this group has any potential? is there any way we could make this group better and get more people to come?
  • Forum Post: Welcome Spartans!! ( new members of the group)

    Just decided this would be a good way for new members to get their feet wet, meet other new members, and ask questions to the older members about what's going on. Allow me to introduce myself. Im Yno, the creator of this fan base. We are trying to make this group as interactive as possible so if...
  • Forum Post: Pick A Side!!

    In the multiplayer you must sell their champion's soul to one of four deities: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, or Ares. Who will you be choosing?
  • Forum Post: More God of War Wallpapers!!

    Click Here . For some reason its not popping up in the media gallery. Enjoy, Spartans!
  • Forum Post: Favorite Moment!!!

    What was your favorite moment in the God of War franchise? I'm having trouble deciding. There sooo many awesome moments!! :p
  • Forum Post: Join the Rise of the Warrior!!

    Discover an untold story as you embark on a quest for redemption. Interact and engage with hundreds of Warriors, gain early access to the Beta, and unlock rare in-game rewards before the launch of God of War: Ascension! Click Here
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