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You like raw power. You love playing the hottest looking games on the most powerful system out there, and you can't imagine watching a movie that isn't on Blu-ray. That's why you bought a PlayStation 3 in the first place, and that's why you're here.

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    I have recently discovered that I still have $20 on my GameStop EDGE card even after getting BioShock 2. I was thinking about just getting another game, like Dead Space, Saints Row 2, Mirror's Edge, or Red Faction:Guerrila(price drop), or even the BioShock 2 strategy guide. Please help!
  • Forum Post: I get to go to GameStop.........(again)...........

    Well, I have finally come up with $60, and with all the good games coming out, I would like to buy something. My three choices are either Bioshock 2, Aliens vs. Predator, God of War Collection, or Dante's Inferno. I am leaning towards AVP and Bioshock 2 only because of multiplayer. Keep in mind I...
  • Forum Post: Alien vs. Predator, or MAG????

    Which one is better??? You choose!!!!!!!
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