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You like raw power. You love playing the hottest looking games on the most powerful system out there, and you can't imagine watching a movie that isn't on Blu-ray. That's why you bought a PlayStation 3 in the first place, and that's why you're here.

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  • Forum Post: ModNation Racers vs. Transformers: War for Cybertron vs. Killzone 2 vs. Infamous!!!!

    TAKE YOUR PICK!!!!!! I gots to go with KZ2 or TWC.
  • Forum Post: On to GameStop!!! (episode 3)

    I get to go to GameStop again, and I am debating between Fallout 3, a PSN card, or the Fallout 3 GOTY edition. I want the MW2 Stimulus package, which just came out on PSN today, and I want Fallout 3. But, I am not sure if it is worth paying the full $60 for the Fallout 3 GOTY edition, when I can just...
  • Forum Post: MAG or Bad Company 2??

    My friends and I are looking for a new shooter, something other than MW2, and BC2 and MAG were the only others that appealed to us. MAG has the 256-multiplayer thing with 8 -player squads which is good for us, but BC2 is just flat-out better. What should I get and convince my friends to buy??
  • Forum Post: Anyone else finding themselves ditching MW2 for Bad Company 2 and other FPS games?

    After playing Bad Company 2, I finally see how bad Modern Warfare 2 really is. It is all hype. Yeah, it has pretty solid gameplay, but BC2 is a GIANT step up from MW2. Vehicles, destruction, awesome non-gory violence, I mean really, who would NOT be sucked in? So comment on MW2 and BC2 here, as well...
  • Forum Post: A good PS3 game $20 or less?

    I have recently discovered that I still have $20 on my GameStop EDGE card even after getting BioShock 2. I was thinking about just getting another game, like Dead Space, Saints Row 2, Mirror's Edge, or Red Faction:Guerrila(price drop), or even the BioShock 2 strategy guide. Please help!
  • Forum Post: Borderlands vs. Fallout 3!!!

    Which is the better RPG? I am still shopping around for games, and want a shooter/RPG type game. So, can someone please give me their opinion on these two games?
  • Forum Post: What is The Truth in Assassin's Creed II?

    I have AC2, but all I hear is stuff about the truth. I am not the type of gamer with the work ethic to go find all of Da Vinci's crap. So can someone who KNOWS tell me what the truth is?
  • Forum Post: Alien vs. Predator, or MAG????

    Which one is better??? You choose!!!!!!!
  • Forum Post: How do you change your PS3 Avatar(profile picture)?

    I have been wondering for a long time, and I have been playing around with my PS3 on how to do this. All of my friends have a different profile picture than the stupid default gray smiley face. So can someone please tell me how to change the profile picture?
  • Forum Post: I get to go to GameStop today..........

    Today, I have the chance to go to GameStop. Again. Yesterday, when I went to go see Avatar in IMAX, the line was huge, and the movie was almost 3 hours long. Yet again, I am still debating what game to get for my PS3 with a couple of my gift cards from Christmas. I already own Modern Warfare 2, DJ Hero...
  • Forum Post: PSN

    The long is complicated and consists of several oxen, a few gallons of unrefined oil, three hand maidens and two and a half parakeets (which is messy and inhumane, but I can't help that). I'm fairly certain you don't want to hear a long drawn out explanation so I'll jump to the end: no...
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