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  • You know I was really looking forward to Infamous 2 till the redesigning Cole came around. I realize that Sucker Punch was very curious about the reaction to the cast of the first game. At the time I believe a Game Informer mag quoted "The voice does not match the character" which may have been true but after playing the lengthy game the character starts to grow on you and a total revamp will definitely rub the fans the wrong way.

    To me it seems like Sucker Punch really wasn't satisfied with their original protagonist themselves and wanted to change him real bad. The first iteration seemed like he came right from a movie studio oblivious about the whole situation. Those pearly white smiles... man I can definitely understand the militia shooting at this preppy on sight, I know I would. How do you talk about the character being the average man becoming a super hero when he does not look average. And what is he smiling about anyway? Wouldn't he be furious after the events of the first? 

    Aaaahhh! the second redesign. Now I can honestly say that Sucker Punch was listening but they weren't really listening... Are you serious? This is your new re-imagined Cole???!! There is no easy way saying this: He is a friggin junkie! The new look in November's issue 211 almost made me think that Cole had a thin white stripe under his nose and since this is not a 'got milk?' ad it starts pointing at other reasons. Once again a miss, this one  looks below average, looks like he is on the run from a city wide manhunt for breaking and robbing an elderly couple and killing their dog in the process to get a score. At this point you did figure the people would be thanking the militia for shooting at this escaped convict riding on battery juice. I am shocked no one actually had a problem with this version up in the management at first pass. Whats worse is that Game informer (which used speak its mind) really didn't mention much instead put up a wet tissue justification of the reasons for change in Cole. Am I the only one that thinks this?? Apparently this is the final makeover too.

    It seems that GI has had a lot more make-overs internally than just the magazine cover. That being said, after seeing the two versions; the super model Cole was just a kick to the shins compared to the sucker-punch in the nads with junkie Cole(pun fully intended). So there are three truths to this game: 1) The game will still be awesome reagardless  2)The new Cole's look gives some connection to the main title of the game. 3) Sucker Punch leaves up to its name, seriously, what a low blow with the 'final' version.


    Everytime I look around... you're there!! Haunting me in my dreams!!

  • That was way too long to read

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