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The people VS Dan Ryckert (The Cappeli tragedy)

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  • Lately I have had to resort to several other sites to get a valid opinion of a game but generally when GI makes a review that is not so favorable, I found their reasons to be very justified. In fact I would like to say that they are more honest when giving a negative review than they are showering a game with praise.

    So when Dan Ryckert chewed this game out in his review I was rather shocked, not at the fact that the game was terrible (killing the protagonist before the end of the series is a bad move most of the time) but the fact that it was so terrible to just get a 7. I decided to best keep this game on hold and go for Dead Island instead. Well, Gamefly screwed up and I ended up with Resistance 3 regardless.

    Anyway a day and a half gone and I am at the very last chapter (NY), I hope, and I realized that game would have been a throwaway if I did not have my buddy with me to play co-op. We played on the hardest difficulty and although had fun in the chaos I couldn't help notice the fact that every level in the game was exactly the same. It was so repetative that it spilled over to the plot as well. Every vehicle section in the game ended with the same results (a crash, derailment or just plain sunk) and Cappeli felt more like a sap. Each level felt like an arena where waves of enemies fire at you. AI doesnt come into question especially when the level does not offer any tactical vantage. Besides the cinematic cut scenes the rest of the game looked terrible (worse on split screen), the guns and the leveling system made it fun, the plot is really generic, where the whole Chimera situation is just a background to shovel Cappeli's forced tragedy on to the player.

    Now I ask those that gave this game a 9 or a 10:  have you at least played the game and are not just rating in retaliation to Ryckert's disappointing review?? And exactly how does "being a father" justify any short comings of the game plot or otherwise?

    Everytime I look around... you're there!! Haunting me in my dreams!!

  • Dan gave his honest opinion. I see nothing wrong with it. I see no prejudice on his part, simply the words of a man who didn't find his cup of tea with a certain game. I liked Golden Sun Dark Dawn, even though GI only gave it a 7.5, it tops in as one of my favorite DS games, and one of my favorite games of the generation. I have not played Resistance 3 myself, so I can't give an honest opinion in good conscious, and I embrace the fact that every game comes with good and bad. And to the point about people giving it high scores just to contradict Dan: Some probably did it out of spite, but later reviews probably reflected a more honest opinion.

  • I personally think it was a terrible review, but that's ok. That's Dan's honest opinion. I would rather him give it a bad score if that's what he thinks it deserves than for him to give it a good score and him disagree with it. I love Dan. I just disagree with him in this particular instance.

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