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Assassin's Creed 2

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  • Well I was watching some of the previews of AC 2 the other day.... again.... lol.... and I had this thought.... some of you might remember all the hype that was made before Assassin's Creed came out.... people saying it was going to be a very good game and what not.... then when it came out, a lot of people were disappointed with what they had.... I personally thought it was a pretty good game but I did think  that they could have gone a little beyond what they had (even though it is one of my favorites).... but a lot of people said Ubisoft could have gotten much more out of this with the idea that they had.... well what I was thinking was that will AC 2 make a similar impression.... I mean the previews look really good but AC 1 had good previews as well.... what do you think???

  • Let me compare this series to another series, just for giggles.

    Do you remember when Uncharted 1 came out? There was decent hype, I know I was excited about it. It had excellent and engaging previews as well. When the game came, it was alright, it was funny, inventive, and had a good story, but let's be honest, it wasn't perfect. Now, along comes Uncharted 2, it has pretty good previews, it was a sequel, but the thing is, is that Naughty Dog learned from their mistakes, made the neccessary changes, and viola, you have a "10" game.

    I see the same (or at least similar) thing happening with AC2. Ubisoft has learned from their mistakes, and they are working diligently on perfecting their IP. Personally, I think that this game will do exactly what IGN's quote said it would, "Prepare to be overwhelmed", it looks like a real winner to me.

  • i personally think that it is going to be a very very good game in the fact thati downloaded the developer diaries on the PS3 and they showed what the game looked like when someone was playiing it so it wasnt just previews and you soon loose people that are close to you but if you wach them you will understand more on the story and how its all gonna go down but i think it looks more realistic and its going to be amazing

  • I think the developers heard the same stuff we were telling others about AC1 and made notes to make sure it doesn't happen again i AC 2. The first one was great and I believe the second one will be even greater.

  • I also think it will be good. And like Paul said, Ubisoft is going to learn from their mistakes.

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