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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

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  • Forum Post: The "Hail Mary Shuffle"

    Well everybody, I'm a long time Souls series player. From saving Boletaria to journeying through the mysterious lands of Lordran, I think I've found my niche in the series. I'm a dedicated Sunbro. The reason? What my friends and I call the hail Mary shuffle. You've probably all seen it...
  • Forum Post: Got Dark Souls Back now what should I do?

    I got a new PS3 a while back cuz my blu ray with my last slim was actin crappy so thats that story! Now I gotta start ALLLLLL over again! And Ive forgotten all the controls bosses weak points and moves, where to go, where NOT TO GO, When I SHOULDNT go! lol All that so I've played a few remembered...
  • Forum Post: Convesation

    What are you guys most pumped for in Dark Souls? Im mostly looking forward to the new traps. Demon's souls had em and i loved them i just wished there were more. So im hoping there are plenty in dark souls.
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