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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

The Pendant Mystery

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  • At this point, an answer as to what the pendant does is Dark Souls is easily my most wanted GI article post. Anyone else try to figure it out? The only thing I can think of is dropping into that one empty chest at the beginning and reloading, but I can't imagine no one has tried that yet and I don't want to arbitrarily lose the item.

    The only other scrap of detail I have on it is another pendant appears late in the game at the alter past the first boar beneath the the first bell.

    Anyone else have any info?


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  • www.google.com/url

    That will be pretty much everything anyone knows. Right know, people just have theories for the most part.

  • Do you want to make a serious attempt on it in house? I have a couple theories and a couple pendants. I'm pretty sure a snuggly[drop and load{crow}]] trade is necessary.

    1. Here's what I'm thinking of right now; snuggly trade with the firekeeper after she gets her tongue back. The game puts a lot of focus on her for such a small character. [no luck, 2nd playthrough]

    2. That open treasure chest at firelink. I'm not sure if they're connected, but there's definitely something up with that. [Found out dropping items that would break your game end up in that chest, pretty much rules it out]

    3. The beginning. The pendant's original description was that it was a keepsake from your homeland. Since you can't leave zombie land, the beginning is as close as you get. Drop it at your feet at the start of the game, then beat the area and move on to firelink; then come back and check. [Nope, 3rd run]

    That's all I got for now, anyone else?

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  • Another thought, since Rhea of thuroland has one, it suggests there's a connection between her and the player.

    Perhaps dropping it near her, perhaps when she's hollow will cause something.

    This one wouldn't require a drop and load.

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  • One more thought, maybe it has something to do with Gwyn himself? Maybe during the final boss fight, you can drop it, especially if you've done the work to get Solaire brought in on that fight. I've always thought the ending was underwhelming, perhaps this could be the reason?

    Also, I'm reminded the creator said that new players should pick the pendant as a starting gift.

    At first, I figured this was so as many people as possible were looking for the answer. But pendants aren't very hard to get. What if, whatever situation the pendant creates, can only be done on the first playthrough?

    It would explain why no one, even those shooting for the level cap, have figured it out.

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  • On my 3rd run, I'm gonna try dropping the pendant during fights where an npc has turned hollow. Again, I do think 1st run might be where it matters most, but I'll knock this out in the meantime.

    1. Asylum Knight- no luck

    2. Pessimistic dude from Firelink- No luck

    3. Reah- no luck

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  • I've found that the pessimistic guy doesn't go hollow unless you talk to him after waking Frampt. I've also been finding it's possible to save a lot of npcs by using certain means Is a 100% good playthrough possible? And could that be the answer?

    So far, all my money is on dropping the pendant during the Gwynn fight with Solaire.

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  • The translation for the description of the item is bugged, so perhaps that part of the game is as well.

  • Actually, I did notice it was different than the first time I played, I thought it was through update, but I think it's meant to be incredibly hard to figure out either way. Thanks for the interest though.

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  • Huh.   Well, hopefully someone somewhere will find it.....someday.

  • I read a great theory someone had about Soliare ?possibly? being Gwyn's son.


    and here:


    Some think if you can get Soliare to the final boss fight, that either during the fight or after you can drop the pendant to find out it's purpose. Has anyone tried this?

  • That was my idea too, I got all the prep work done for that event too, I'm just completely drained of motivation.

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  • Remember the beginning custscene, they mention "the furtive pygmy - so easily forgotten"? I read a post somewhere where they said "pygmy" could have just been used as a word to say "something less than a god". Gwyn, the Witch of Izalith, Nito and Seath were gods.

    I think the "furtive pygmy" is the character who defeated the Old One in Demon's Souls, obtained the Dark Soul from killing the Maiden in Black and destroying the Nexus, which traps human souls. Kaath says the Dark Soul bore all humans. Thus, the player in Dark Souls is a descendant of the "bad ending" player of Demon's Souls. The Pendant could be an heirloom from the pygmy, or something along those lines.

    So if you think about it, the Age of Fire began with Gwyn kindling the first flame. If you link the fire, you are continuing the Age of Fire and the reign of the Gods.

    By walking away, and becoming the Darkest Soul, you begin the age of darkness, where humans will rule. I think the fact that Gwyndolin uses illusions in Anor Londo and the fact that Frampt gets mad at you for talking to Kaath shows that the gods are trying to manipulate the player into continuing the Age of Fire. Thus, the good ending is really the bad ending.

  • Good hypothesis... but what could it mean? Ahh, I need to get off my ass and go drop pendants all over that fight...

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  • Any luck with your Pendent project Romars?

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