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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

Dark Souls General Discussion

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  • In almost 2 days I think I put a good 13 hours into it so far and I'm loving it.

    I don't think I've had as satisfying a fight as The Capra Demon in a long time.

    I especially enjoy how  non-linear the game is, I'm certainly more impressed than I originally expected.

    Now If I only didn't hurt the NPC stuck in the barrels...

  • Capra Demon is my Flamelurker this time around, lol. I hate that guy, I still haven't gotten past him.

    On a unrelated note, is there a stat that raises the drop rate of items from regular mobs? I know Luck was the stat to raise in Demon's Souls, but that's been eliminated in Dark Souls.

    So I'm wondering if there is something we level up to increase our odds in drop rates or is it just kill and cross your fingers in Dark Souls?

  • On Phil Kollar's guide he says Attunement effects drops, but in game it says humanity will increase chances of a drop (which you lose with your souls if you die).

    It's a shame since I've wasted all my humanity trying to beat the Gargoyles and failing miserably haha (although some NPC's do drop it if you kill them).

    I haven't gotten too lucky on drops but I did get the awesome Fang Boar Helm.

  • How did you get that helm? From the armored boar? If so, I fought him and got nothing lol.

    As for humanity, I found that the three rats that hide in the room under the bridge where you snipe the dragons tail for the Drake Sword drop humanity pretty often. For me anyway lol.

  • Yeah the Boar dropped it, I guess it has a pretty small drop % due to how many people are asking about it on other forums.

    I love it - It's a big, steel, boar-like helmet with huge tusks. I even upgraded it to +1 already.

    Yeah I ventured through the sewers for fun today and found quite a bit of humanity and finally took down the Gargoyles with it.

    The Gargoyle Axe they drop is amazing (albeit weaker than the Drake Sword). When you use your heavy swing it whips around like the tail would, causing the handle to bend.

    I'm assuming to get that weapon you have to cut off its tail, which makes the fight easier anyway.

    I also found a Large Ember and am not sure what I want to do with it. I could either give it to the Black Smith for more stuff or save it for an item to upgrade it beyond +5.

  • ya i got that boar helm too

  • I got the boar helmet, as well.  Even with pumping up my strength, I'm still weighed down.  It looks rad, though.  I killed a black knight at the top of the castle right before the boar and he dropped his sword.  It's more powerful than the drake and requires 32 Str.  o.O

  • Hmm I probably shouldn't have done it the easy way and made him fall off the castle haha.

    If you chop off the Gaping Dragon's tail he drops his own Greataxe that does an amazing 320, but requires 50str to one-hand it.

  • I got that thing. It looks beastly lol. Can't wait to have the STR to put it to good use.

  • I found a great way to easily get Souls without too much trouble (it'll cost ya, though).

    I bought that Crest the Blacksmith sells for 20k Souls to use on the door in Dark Roots Garden.

    Turns out the humans/ghosts give 2k Souls each (3k for the Knight Ghost).

    The ghosts are a little difficult to kill because you can't target them, but the human is a magic user and is very easy to kill.

    If you bring them towards the bonfire and kill them there then there's no pressure of additional ghosts/humans, and you can reset the spawns for fast Souls.

    To top it off there's the Eastern Armor set if you follow the right wall (only the Chest piece is good, but it's worth it). That's pretty difficult to get, however.

    Those plant-like monsters are all over it and are much stronger but still only give 100 souls a piece. If you need a good Armored Chest piece, it's there for the taking (it looks awesome).

  • Ok, whats with the Demon Ruins, lol...I beat the spider queen and rung the second bell and proceeded to the Demon Ruins only to find everything is pretty much a boss.

    I beat Ceaseless Discharge and got that sweet gear he was guarding and plowed through the 8 Tartaus demons and Carpa Demons, after some trial and error, only to work my way down to hit a dead end at a gate that says "The Gate is guarded by the Lords" or something like that and can't go any further.

    Oh, I've also got the two embers in the Demons Ruins, that's the only treasure I know of worth noting, other than the God gear Discharge was guarding, in there unless you guys know of some I don't know?

    I've hit a dead end!

    Only thing left to do down there is farm some souls from the Tartous Demons and Carpa Demons that respawn at the second bonfire way down deep in the Demon Ruins.

    So when I've farmed enough there, you guys know if there is a shortcut back up to the Shrine or am I pretty much stuck back tracking through the depths and the sewers, lol?

  • ..You did all that? I skipped it when it kept 1-shotting me haha.

    You're technically supposed to go to Sen's Fortress, the one in the 30 minute video that GI featured by the BalckSmith.

    There is a shorcut route that you can take that'll take you back to New Londo Ruins then to Firelink Shore near the Bonfire before Quelagg. (what level are you, by the way?)

  • I'm 43 now, but I think I was 35 when I first got to the Demon Ruins. I've farmed up quite a bit of souls in Demon Ruins. Those Tartaous Demons drop 1.2k each, and the Carpa Demons drop 800 a piece and there's eight of each. It was incredibly hard getting rid of those Tartaous guys, but when you do, there is a Chaos Ember at their camp, so it's worth attempting to clear them. Just need a lot of patients and make sure your controller is charged...I had a loss due to my controller dying while fighting those Tartaous bastards, lol.

    Deeper in there are three more Tartaous Demons that respawn, and those eight Carpa Demons respawn as well. So that's a pretty good spot to grind a while.

    Though there is risk involved since those guys can, and do, one shot you if they catch you with your pants down as well as your shield down, lol.

    I must have missed that short cut back I guess, is it before the spider queen boss fight or after near the Chaos Covenant NPC?

    Now I'm going to have to fight my way back past all those Carpa Demons to get back up there and I'm all out of arrows for pulling! Going to have to either try to suicide run past them to the bonfire near the Chaos Covenant, or try to take them on 2 on 1 at a time :(.

  • Bah, double post. GI won't let me delete this post, lol. Just disregard it.

  • Capra Demon beats me every time.  I've only gone at him 3 or 4 times, but he just whoops me before I even get a chance.

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