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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

Favorite moments in Demon's Souls.

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  • I thought I'd list a couple of my favorite moments from the game, just for the group.*thumbs up*

    Moment 1.  I went into Demon's Souls not knowing a d@mn thing about it, so the first time I saw a giant silver shield behind what I now know to be called a fog gate, I thought "hey, maybe it's like a statue commemorating a knight of some sorts" then I walked through the fog gate.......good thing I had played SotC before or I would have had a massive heart attack instead of just a mild stroke.

    Moment 2. The first time I was invaded I was scared, my friend had already told me about that game mechanic, so I was ready. It wasn't until I had beaten the Penetrator with good ol' Biorr that I was TERRIFIED.....I had just scouted ahead enough to see 3 black phantoms hanging out. I decided to just take them all out with my Lava Bow and call it a day, It was about that time my screen informed me that I was being invaded by KijujuPickle. I had 100,000 souls on me at the time, I wasn't scared however since I had finally learned "Evacuate" and was ready to get back to the Nexus with all my precious souls. I equip my Talisman and push the button only see my character try to cast and fail, all the while shaking his head to tell me nope! It ain't gonna happen kiddo. I started to freak the F out man! So I decided to hide and hope he would go away. He saw what I was doing and went ahead to trigger the blue dragon and fatten me up with souls.....that.......pissed me off. I put away my shield, two handed my Claymore +7 and went for it! I did a couple R1 attacks and ended it with an R2, he had almost zero health and started to run away from me. I chased him down and went with one more R2 death blow to be greeted with "The Black Phantom KijujuPickle has been slain" my hands were shaking and I literally shouted f***yeah!!!!! I went back to the Nexus and spent all my souls, I was so pumped! I went to the next world.....got invaded again.......this phantom immediately one shot me. : /

  • My favorite moments were:

    1. When I finally beat the Vanguard in the prologue and got to see the Dragon God unbound in all his glory.

    2. Finally mining my Pure Bladestone.

    3. Getting the Platinum Trophy.

    4. Beating Black Phantom Garl Vinland.

    5. Beating Black Phantom Scirvir.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • I really hated it when Invader ran away or used enemy NPCs as body guards. If they didn't fight me 1v1 I would leave immediately. Cheap as sits. I didnt mind invaders just the people who decided to really play like ass holes.



  • best moments for me have to be being summoned as a boss and getting to kill people, i remember the area 1-2, looking at the dragon that passed by and thinking *** how does this work

  • The first time I actually completed Demon Soul's.  I hadn't figured out the whole stone thing yet so I did the whole thing first time through with no help (my stupidity).  Have to say though that was the first game I have ever been "proud" that I actually beat.  Once I learned about dropping stones it got way easier but that feeling the first time you get through was pretty cool.

    Dark Souls after beating Demon Soul's was not as bad, could see if you didn't have that first how that could seem harder but didn't get the same satisfaction from my first play through on Dark Souls.

  • Well, this is a hard one.

    Probably the fight with the Penetrator without Biorr to chunk off most of the health. It really symbolized the true difficulty involved in the game. The epic onslaught against a true monster of combat. Within those enclosed corridors I was faced with a true challenge at last. Being a steadfast block/maneuver cleric, combos and barely-getting-away dodge rolls came in succession with each other. Either way after all the statues were annihilated to rubble and I find myself standing in front of the screen, the battle finish with a simple mace swing; the satisfaction overwhelming me, goading me onto the next challenge.

    Also, in 2-2, fighting the Flamelurker; for some reason I always had trouble holding my ground with this ape of a fire-beast, Stamina was always something of a trouble to keep at a decent level and healing was a constant in if of itself. Always rolling out of the way and barely having enough stamina to sustain blows without taking damage made it quite the challenge. Like the Penetrator though, there's that overwhelming feeling of conquest that guides you to break the challenge into submission and a true epic symbolism is again revealed.

    Other than that, fighting area champions was always a pain, particularly the Katana wielders in 4-1.

  • @ RaptahMahn

    I hate Flamelurker. That is all.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • Just reading this thread ignites a fire in my gut -- and excitement about what lays ahead. Started Dark Souls a little over a week ago and FINALLY found a nearly perfect RPG that should occupy me for ... well, a long time. Best moment so far: Killing the Demon on the walkway in Undead Berg on about my 20th try. Despite having been crushed so many previous times, when this dude fell my character strutted like a badass. I haven't felt that tough since I won a real-world fight in my old MMA days. And have never experienced anything like it in video gaming. THIS IS A GREAT GAME!!!

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