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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

What build do you like to use?

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  • I did a wanderer for both games. I tried doing a theif in Dark Souls, after I finished, but I quickly found the weaker faster attacks weren't right for me. I'm all about rolling, doing one hitters[two handed], and small combos.

    I'm always switching from slow strong weapons like the knight sword, and faster large swords.

    I always avoided spears for some reason though, they feel cheap.

    Did anyone here ever try a long range build? I'm always curious about it, but it goes against my survival horror instincts.

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  • Really? I really fell in love with the melee combat system myself, there's a lot of depth and polish to it, you should give it the old college try, one of these days.

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  • Right now I've got a lvl 14 battlemage. Trying to beat the game under lvl 15. Took down the stray demon and hydra last night. I'm at Sen's Fortress now and it's starting to get tough.

  • I'm lvl 15 now so I've hit the cap I've created for myself.  Took down Orstein & Smough last night.  Moving on, next I'm gonna attempt Sif and then onto New Londo.  Went to New Londo thinking I'd be able to at least get to the Key of the Seal, but I get taken down stupid fast by the ghosts in the room with the ladder.  I must have died over 10 times last night trying to make my way through.  No matter what, they let me have it.  So I'm gonna have to take a different approach later haha.

    Been having a blast with Co Op and PvP, too...and getting tons of souls/humanity doing it, too.  Definitely enjoying this playthrough more than my first.  :D

  • Also, what rings do you guys use?  I've been using the Ring of F&P since early in the game and bouncing between the Wood Grain ring and Serpent ring...a couple others, too.

    Considering taking the ring of F&P off.  Good idea?

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