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Chaos Servant Shortcut Glitch

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  • I've ranked up to +2 in the Chaos Servant Covenant but the shortcut to get the Maggot Helm will not open. Also Soliare is no where to be found at the bonfire of Izaleth. I've gone back to the Sunlight Altar, Londo's bonfire he rests at and he is no where to be found.

    I'm not sure why the shortcut will not open - if it's just a glitch, or if the shortcut and Soliare are connected. I read on several threads and on the DS wiki that killing a boss can sometimes fix the glitch. I killed the Ceaseless Discharge before giving Quelaag's sister the 30 Humanity. So after it didn't open I killed the Dragon similar to the one at the undead asylum and it didn't open. Then I killed the Centipede demon and it still hadn't opened. So since I had skipped the depths I went down and took care of the Capra Demon and Gaping Dragon and it still hasn't opened. The only idea I have left is that I may have sin on my character from switching from the Darkwraith covenant to the Chaos servant. Would going to the bell tower and being absolved help?

    Any suggestions would help. The only solution people have posted is the "kill a boss" solution and that's not helping...  It may help to note I'm playing on the original patch since I play offline and have 0 internet connection to my xbox. I remember reading if you beat the game as a Chaos Servant +2 that the shortcut will automatically open on your next NG+. Can someone confirm this if they have done it?


  • Did you actually activate the door? You have to walk up to it and a prompt to touch the door will appear. Do that, and the door will open.

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  • I've gone up to the door and there's no prompt... I will try again tonight. I've even tried both sides and there is no prompt. There's no lever correct? You just have to walk up to it like you would a NPC or Bonfire? Kinda frustrated cause as far as I know the Maggot Helm is the only thing you can trade to get the ring to talk to Quelaag's sister.

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