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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

Bosses/Tasks to do before finishing NG+

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  • Hi Everyone,

    (first off I'm terrible with names so forgive me if I can't remember or spell one wrong).

    I'm currently finishing up my NG+ playthrough of Dark Souls and was wondering if there was anything I should do before finishing up? I plan on finishing up all of the different weapon achievements (using up the embers before I lose them).

    My first playthrough I was fourtunate enough to find out about the painted world and just finished that again last night. I also took care of the "Illusion" in Londo and found Gwyn's "Daughter" which I didn't do in my first playthrough. Are there any other hidden gems or bosses I've missed that arent well known, or well stated in most guides?

    I've read about an NPC in Blightown that is a daughter to the, forgive me, tree boss in Izaleth. I plan on trying to get her to appear (you have to be in human form correct?) I also found out how to save Soliare from becoming hollowed.

    Let me know if you have anything to add. I think I'm a little late on completing the Catarina? storyline. I was just blasting through NG+ and never talked to him before opening Sen's fortress.

    Any help, or suggestions is appreciated. :)

  • 1. You can farm Demon Titanite in Lost Izalith. There is a Titanite Demon that respawns in the shortcut you can open for being Chaos Servant +2 that always drops 2 Demon Titanite.

    2. Completely kindle all of the Bonfires, if you haven't already.

    3. Farm chunks in Kiln of the Last Flame. Each of the Black Knights there has a 100% chance to drop a specific color of chunk.

    4. Farm Darkwraiths in Anor Londo Ruins for Titanite Slabs.

    5. I would suggest killing all the NPCs (including Blacksmiths) if you haven't already. Some of them have items that are unique.

    Gwyndolyn is the hardest boss to find. He is the only boss I would call a secret.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • Ya I plan on opening that shortcut next time I have free time to play. Seems to be the easiest way listed to get the sunlight maggot helm? (fastest direct path) and protect Soliare from being hollowed. I learned my lesson from not kindling bonfires from my first playthrough. I had no idea you could kindle more than once until after I started NG+. Having more than 10 Estus flasks would've made the game sooo much easier.

    Wouldn't #5 place sin on my character? If it's not a huge deal either way then sure.

    Bummer that Gwyndolyn is the only hidden boss. I was hoping for one or two more. I did skip the Gaping Dragon so far on NG+ so I can always do that as well.

    Any rings you reccomend getting? I missed the Wolf and Hawk rings my first playthrough but got them this time. I play as a tank/warrior type with Havel's armor and shield, Dragon Greatsword +5, and switch between the masks of Mother, Father, Child.

    Thanks for your input!

  • For rings I use the Ring of Favor and Protection and then for the second ring I use one of the listed:

    1. Covetous Gold Serpents Ring (for farming or getting rare drops)

    2. Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring (w/Tin Crystalization Catalyst = devastation)

    3. Slumbering Dragon Crest Ring (Useful in almost any situation where the enemy is not facing you)

    It all depends on the situation for the second ring. I use almost all of the rings at some point, but the ones listed are my most used.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • I have #1 and #3. Where is #2 located? I only use miracles and pyromancy sparely to buff my warrior or heal, not much of a soul spear user or anything; but might come in handy in NG+2.

    I always have on the Ring of Favor and Protection as well, I usually use the ring that boosts stamina recovery since the Dragon Greatsword's attacks eat so much stamina - switching to other rings when I need to or to make certain enemies/circumstances easier.

    Thanks again!

  • Griggs sells it in Firelink for 20000 souls. Worth it.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • Just saved Griggs on NG+ last night when I killed some bosses I skippen in NG+ (Capra and Gaping Dragon). So now I will buy the ring.

    I posted a serperate thread about the shortcut glitch I'm experiencing with the Chaos Servant Covenant. Also I was able to knock out the Raw weapon achievement with the Large Ember. I have the Dark Ember already from the painted world and the Blacksmith seemed very eager to get his hands on it. Any specific weapons you recommend on upgrading with it? (keeping in mind I use 95% melee).

    Also I went down to Blighttown and talked to the Pyromancer NPC Quelana? and was able to get her to ask me to release her mother and sisters from their curse. Guess there's a spell she will give me, even though I have most of the pyromancer spells.

  • With the dark ember, I would suggest leveling up the Occult Club that you get off one of the Mimics in Anor Londo, since it will require less materials.

    Yes, talk to Qualana, kill the Bed of Chaos and then return to Qualana and she gives you Chaos Firestorm.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • Ok. For some reason I think I already leveled up the Occult Club with a different ember but can't recall - I'll double check. Ya I plan on getting it tonight after I kill the bed of chaos. If you shun the flame at the end for the other achievement you still go into NG+2 correct?

    Also off topic, I talked to my big brother who moved away and he's going to look through his stuff and gift me his copy of Xenogears and Vandal Hearts. Can't wait to replay those, we used to play them a lot as kids.

  • Yes, you still move on to a new game even if you shun the flame. Both Xenogears and Vandal Hearts are great games.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

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