Well everybody, I'm a long time Souls series player. From saving Boletaria to journeying through the mysterious lands of Lordran, I think I've found my niche in the series. I'm a dedicated Sunbro. The reason? What my friends and I call the hail Mary shuffle.

     You've probably all seen it, the Darkwraith intent on ruining your day carefully circles you from a safe distance. Then, he inexplicably stops. His avatar seems to run in place momentarily and then disaster strikes. He seemingly teleports from a solid 15 feet away and pulls off a backstab, either severely wounding or killing you and taking your precious humanity. This, sadly, is why I usually purposefully avoid online combat. It's not to say I don't have good bouts of PvP, but it simply happens too often for me. Even when fulfilling my duties as a Sunbro, All too many times my host is annihilated before I can even react to defend him/her. This is why I am so happy to see backstabbing being changed for the better in Dark Souls 2.

     From what I've observed, backstabbing is, well, no longer backstabbing. Rather than a singular, powerful strike that does severe damage, it would appear that now it is a series of quick, consecutive hits that can be interrupted. Not only is this a life saver for co-opers like myself, it should make PvE much more challenging.