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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

This is a group dedicated to the hardest games this generation, the Souls series.

I love this game! :D I hate this game! >:( My relationship with Dark Souls.....

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  • Dark Souls has taken everything I love about Demon's Souls, and cranked it up to 11. I love the look of the game, the boss fights are amazing! There are secrets aplenty, and the RE player in me loves exploring every nook and cranny of this living breathing world.

    My only gripe? I bet you can guess.....come on, guess. That's right folks, not being able to co-op with friends. :( I have come to share my story of my ambivalent relationship with Dark Souls. After 2 straight days of joining the same covenant, restarting our system to try and get on the same servers....all of this for a solid 4 hours the other day I might add lol. We finally got to co-op tonight!!! I spilled my drink I was so happy lol.

    We both joined the spider covenant, and finally got it to work in front of the Ceaseless Discharge(yuck)gate.

    It was a blast playing with my old Demon's Souls partner!!! So in closing, I just wanted to regale you all with my tears of joy! Aaaaand my tears of pain lol. I hope against hope that they eventually make it easier to co-op, but I'm not holding my breath. Regardless, this is already one of my favorite games of all time.

    I love it...

    I hate it...

    I love it....

  • Yea that's my only gripe with the game as well. I'd love to put in some hours with you guys, but the way Namko Bandi set up the servers makes it almost impossible. I really hope they merge the servers so we can actuely invite the people we want like we could in Demon's Souls.

    Other than that, its a dam fun game. I've gotten 72% trophies so far, all that's left is the upgrade trophies and spell gathering trophies. Those are so flipping hard lol. Stone farming wasn't my favorite thing to do in Demon's and it still isn't any fun in Dark Souls lol.

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