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Dead Space Survival Clan

Welcome to the Clan, for those of you who have survived the USG Ishimura and or the Sprawl.

Welcome Engineers! (New members of the group)

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  • Just decided this would be a good way for new members to get their feet wet, meet other new members, and ask questions to the older members about what's going on.

    Allow me to introduce myself. Im Yno, the creator of this fan base.

    We are trying to make this group as interactive as possible so if there is a way you think you can contribute let me know and I can see if we don't have someone already doing it. Or you can always contribut by drawing even more members in!

  • I'd imagine hosting PC/console matches of Dead Space 2 (and 3, once it's up) would be good ideas.

    I am Paradigm the Fallen.

    That's "Para-dime". Not "Pair-of-dig-em".

  •     I agree with Paradigm the Fallen, hosting PC and Console matches of both Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 would be great, especially for Dead Space 3's co-op. Its always better if you know who you are playing with, and even better to know if you are playing with wants the full experience or is just running through for achievements. Also good to know if your co-op partner has the Awakened DLC, is playing at a lower difficulty, ect.

        Now sadly I am not up for hosting 'til the end of semester (with the exception of spring break), but it would be nice to know when someone else ever is so I can jump in with them in my spare time.

    I am Paragon Fang Xen

    Primary PSN - ParagonFANGXen

    Secondary PSN - jahooga   (this is the one that has my more advanced DS2 online profile)

    Steam - ParagonX  (the one with a picture of the back of the dude from the Fallout New Vegas advertisements/box cover [my Steam name may change to reflect my primary PSN name])

    Origin - I think it's ParagonFANGXen, but I really don't know...

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