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Welcome to the Clan, for those of you who have survived the USG Ishimura and or the Sprawl.

Which Necromorph Would You Be?

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  • If you were to become a necromorph, which one would you prefer to be? Would want to a the classical Slasher and stab their prey to death? The Pregnant that keeps baby necromorph that will eat their prey alive, or a puker... That's sorta self explanatory. 

    I would want to be a Stalker from dead space 2. They have those thick heads and they're quick too, so they can plow right in to their prey.

  • a brute of course

  • Well it really depends... if I can, I would choose the evolved form of the Hive Mind, aka, the Nexus.

    If I can't... I would probably choose the more evolved form of the Hunter, aka, the Ubermorph. Mainly because its the "perfect" specimen and has five awesome glowing eyes, but also partially because I maintain the theory that the Ubermorph (with enough time and tissue production) eventually evolves into the hive mind (the five glowing eyes spaced in conjunction with the hive minds glowing head sacs) and thus eventually becomes a Nexus...

    If I STILL can't, and I have to choose a "normal" necromorph, I would probably follow Yno and choose a Stalker (from Dead Space 2, not 3, they felt smarter in 2) for its deadly speed and cunning pack mentality, though I almost want to say a Leaper for its ability to crawl on walls, leap long distances, and crawl faster than most of the other necromorphs can run.

  • The only reason I chose Leaper over Lurker (Dead Space 1 and 2, not the stupid Lurker Dog from 3) is that I don't want to have been a baby, I like the idea of being a survivor for at least a little while before becoming a necromorph. Though if I had to just start life as one, I'd pick Lurker over even a Stalker, I mean, it's inherently one of the creepiest if you think about it, it can crawl on walls and leap long distances almost as well as any leaper, has a hard shell that opens to reveal three long spiked tentacles, and I would still be able to snipe away as I wished from long distances, as well as aiding in crowd control up close.

  • Id prefer the regenerator, just because hes a tough nut to crack, also the shark like DNA they have with healing limbs is a perk as well.

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