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Gathering buddies to game on a specific server

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  • Hello fellow gamers!

    I wanted to welcome anybody interested in joining this group(for SWTOR discussions), to go ahead and do so. There are quite a few gamers on this site, that I've noticed like to play this awesome MMO as well, so I figured...why not start a group, where everyone could meet up and discuss issues, events, and so forth regarding the SWTOR universe?

    The server I initially started on, and still currently playing on, is the VEEBOO LUNX server. A few GIO community members are currently on here as well. The purpose of this post is to try and bring the GIO community together to game, or to share their server of choice with the rest of the community, to set up their own sessions with other gamers.

    This game is great to play on your own, or with a few friends. I've only experienced it so far on my own, but I'm open to play with other gamers from this community(none of my friends own this game, nor do they have a proper gaming rig). Feel free to post here, or on my profile page, if anyone's interested in getting a session going.

    Thanks again for joining and reading! Maybe, we'll all meet on a server one day.

    May the force be with you.

  • Hm. I already have my Merc established on Harbinger, if anybody else plays on there, but I wouldn't be adverse to rolling a new Merc on a new server.

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