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Somebody is on the server

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  • Minecraft, is me and my friend's addiction to say the least. we'd spend days online if we could, although once during winter break from school, we did just that. But lately, the experience has taken a really strange and infuriating turn.

    One day when I was alone on the server, I was working on a mansion I saw in a tutorial on planet minecraft. i have an empire in the clouds, above the cloudline. It was early morning, around 6:30 and I wanted to put some finishing touches before school. It was night-time in the minecraft world, and I was setting up glowstones around my house. Suddenly, through the window I saw someone flying. They stopped, and then dropped from view.

    My friend's tag never appeared, like whenever you normally login. But I figured I just hadn't noticed, so I decided to text, "hey, come visit." I wanted him to come into my house and see my work. a few minutes later a text appeared without a tag saying, "STOP" all in caps.

    I didn't know what to do, so I logged out and went to the server menu, there was nobody online. So i logged back in to the server and I texted, "who is this?"

    This is when I began to get slightly scared. The sender started saying, "STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP" continuously. My frame rate began to glitch, the game lagged and the game crashed.

    I restarted the game, and went back to the server, still. nobody was online. I was on the ground. I decided to fly back to my mansion in the clouds.

    It was ruined. Somebody had mined my house to shreds.

    When I got to school, I began to question my friend in anger, he said he had no idea what I was talking about, and wanted to check it out for himself. When he got online, he saw the damage to my house and swore an oath that he didn't do it.

    He texted me later that night via cell and said, come online and visit me at his created house. I did, we traveld together to a pond just outside of our building sites.

    In glowstones there was a big letter "R" he took me a little farther. and there was a poorly made red brick structure coming up out of the waterline.

    We were both baffled, and since then we've encountered strange structures materializing around our world. We're thinking of deleting the server, but so much work has been put into it, I was curious if anyone has had similar issues with this sort of thing, is there an easy way to fix whatever this is?


  • lol fake

  • there is nothing in mc code that could do this

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