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People have been saying that PC gaming is dying for decades, but you're proof that it never will. Make sure you're not missing anything important by checking in with your fellow PC gamers.

PC Gaming Under Attack

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  • As PC gamers, we have two amazing things that most other platforms don't: console and dedicated servers. Personally, it feels like the America of the gaming world (in the freedom sense) because of all the advantages to the players and improvements to game play allowed by these features.

    Here are some examples of what we get with just servers:

    • Custom maps
    • mods
    • non-stacked teams
    • constant pings
    • communities
    • custom rules
    • kick/ban of hackers/rule breakers/unpleasant people
    • clans
    • clan competitions
    • set map selection and rotation
    • set game mode selection and rotation
    • player score/rank stats
    • non-stop action
    • point-awarding private matches
    • team balancing

    Of course developer console has some benefits too:

    • disconnect option during loading/connection failures
    • remove crosshairs
    • show engine data in HUD
    • specific control settings
    • quick IP connection to servers
    • quick server/player commands
    • key binding
    • server management and control
    • built-in game recording
    • prop spawning and altering

    This really is just a quick list I threw together while playing the only non-server-ed game I own (MW2) and talking with Xbox and Play Station players.

    After CoD:MW2 showed that you can cheat the PC gamers and they will still buy a game without their most prized freedom, other game companies might see potential here as well.

    (I don't think I need to explain to you the fact that we really do get away with murder when it comes to game updates like map packs. The poor consoles are usually forced to pay a large fee for what we receive with the next patch, but this could change.)

    If they take away our only ability to easily keep them in check (console and ded. server benefits) then the average gamer will just deal with the flaws, and those who continue to "fight the power" will be reduced to a small number of radicals and hackers. And this works in cooperation with STEAM, as it can be used to detect if you're using or gaining access to something you shouldn't and then ban you like Xbox Live.

    Here my curiosity leads me to ask you this: how much do you care about dedicated servers?

    ·          5 - Won't buy a game without them

    ·          4 - Will buy (or borrow) the game for single player

    ·          3 - Will get the game but will hate multiplayer

    ·          2 - Will get the game and deal with it

    ·          1 - What are dedicated servers?

    PS: Sorry I ramble a bit.

  • 4 defiantly i play for single player action i don't play multiplayer games much they never have good story lines  

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