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Welcome to the Pokémon Fan Club! Discuss news, strategies, and anything else Pokémon related with other pokémon trainers!

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  • Forum Post: What would you name your team if Pokemon were alive?

    I would name mine... Charizard (M) - Scorch Plusle (F) - Patches Garvadore (F) - Serene Mudkip (F) - Slaps Leafeon (F) - Aroma Scizor (M) - Ghost
  • Forum Post: Parties in Pokemon If They Were Alive

    This would be awesome. Going on your own adventure to be the best would be exciting with your Pokefriends. Mine would be (In their form caught)... The Starter- Charmander (Charizard) The New Guy- Plusle (Plusle) The Water Type- Marill (Azumirill) The Support- Ralts (Garvedor)) The Ninja- Scyther (Scizor...
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