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Welcome to the Pokémon Fan Club! Discuss news, strategies, and anything else Pokémon related with other pokémon trainers!

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  • Forum Post: A heads up

    I am sure theres an Event thread but I couldnt find it. Anyways, for those of you not already aware, Keldeo is now available at Gamestop. I picked it up a few days ago, and its pretty impressive despite its ridiculous appearance. I was going to use it instead of the evolved water starter, but because...
  • Forum Post: Specialty Teams

    Do you guys make teams based around one type or stat? Like... a team built for speed or defense? I like making teams of one type. Before B/W released, I relied heavily on an all poison team. It consisted of Roserade, Toxicroak, Gengar, Skuntank, Nidoking, and Tentacruel. The team performed to great effect...
  • Forum Post: Re: Sooooo............ What`s your Poke team?

    My DREAM Pokemon team would include: 1. Frosslass 2. Spirtomb 3. Gengar 4. Darkrai 5. Gallade 6. Dusknoir *I have a real love for ghost, psychic and dark Pokemon lol
  • Forum Post: Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon Moves

    Which seems the coolest . Mine is Giga Drain ( I don't know why though ) and my Aggron's almost always OHKO Headsmash.
  • Forum Post: The Bug Pokemon Appreciation Thread

    I've noticed there's a lot of hate going around for the proud and powerful bug pokemon in this group. Well I'm out to change that with this, the bug appreciation thread! check out all these awesome bug pokemon and chime in to post your support of bug pokemon!!! Look at Heracross! he's...
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