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  • I decided to create this thread so that members, both old and new, can share their experience with Pokemon. Feel free to talk about how your journey to catch em all began.


    Personally, I was there nearly from the start. As I was perusing the shelves at my local Babbage's, (they don't even exist anymore!) my eyes fastened on to the glorious image of a winged fire lizard in a game called "Pokemon Red". Long story short, I LOVED it, I literally could not stop playing it whenever I had the chance. Since then, I've owned and played games from all of the generations and I hope my Poke-fever never ends!

  • my story is very similar to PR's. one christmas in the late 90's i got a GBC, and i immediately got my parents to run me down to gamestop to get pokemon, as i was already a fan from the show. Snatched up Red version, and since then have owned every game in the main series except emrald, leafgreen, diamond, and black.

  • When I was around 8 years old, I saw a friend playing Pokemon Blue. That was my first introduction to the pokemon games. I got the game myself, and loved it. I stopped playing pokemon after Emerald, but I got back into it during Platinum.

  • Back when I was like 9 or 10, I had my mom take me to the 'ol FuncoLand and traded in my NES for a GameBoy and New copy(was expecting a used one) of Pokemon Blue(everyone else had Red and I wanted to be different, plus I liked Blastoise's look). If I had free time it was spent playing that, I'd even walk to and from school playing it. Got a paper route just so I could save up to get Pokemon Stadium when it came out for the N64 I got for christmas the year before. Then when Gold and Silver came out I got Silver(cause Lugia's awesome, and again everybody had Gold). Would play that obsessively just about wherever I was, eventually got Pokemon Stadium 2 when that came out. During all of this I watched all of the first season and most of Orange League and had seen every movie.

    Then the GBA came out... I never got a GBA. Instead spending my purchases on my GameCube and games for it and got too busy to keep track of any show consistently. Had a DS for a little bit but not long enough to get much of anything for it, eventually I had to sell it.

    But a couple weeks ago I got a 3DS and got Pokemon SoulSilver because a friend getting me to watch the first two movies again got me interested again. So I've been obsessed with Pokemon again after like a 10 hiatus. Been catching up on the show which included rewatching all of the first two seasons. Aiming to get Pokemon White next month since this months gaming funds are reserved for Skyrim and MGS HD Collection LE.

  • Sorry for the long read but since I essentially started my "journey" twice, I had to recount both along with why there was a break.

  • I'm glad you've gotten back into pokemon! Haha These forums would be very boring if you didn't.

  • still only 4 people really talking so far... hopefully DBG and elliot become more active too. I also asked a couple of others to join us too, but they havent responded yet.

  • Glad I could help bring about a revival of the group, let's just hope it sticks and goes somewhere.

  • Yes, let's hope!

  • srry guys ... i have a sis and i have to try to get to the computer b4 she does...i am trying to be as active as i can.

    Well when i was about 7 my friend had a pokemon game... all the old ones like red, blue, sapphire. i wanted it SO bad and he was going to give one of the gmaes to me. But my mom did not agree because the name meant pocket monsters(my mom was over restrictive back then. but she has let up) so i soon got out of wanting to play pokemon. but then pokemon platinum came and i HAD to have it so finnaly they let me get it. Soon after my friend gave me fire red. I have been playing those but i have kinda gotten away from it but i still like pokemon. i dont like the new ones like soul silver and heart gold and black and white. I especially hate black and white cuz (to me) they screwed it all up. they got us all excited about "new pokemon". they were ripoffs of the old ones. you could look at the complete pokedex and tell they had no inspiration at all. i only play up to platinum and i am fine with it. that is my story (and a little game reviews) of my pokemon journey

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  • i would really have to suggest soulsilver to you. silver and gold are probably the series high point, and they are very good remakes.

  • I second his suggestion. HeartGold and SoulSilver are two of the best pokemon games of all time.

  • well i will sometimes play that but i just kinda like the older ones.

    ill feel old saying this and im a teen but imma say it...i never liked the dsi when it came out and i DESPISE the 3ds. they arent too high tech i just grew up little with the other ones and i feel like i cant leave it. i have tried them both and still prefer regular ds. same thing with pokemon. i started out with those older ones so im connected to them. i try out the new ones but they dont seem right. i know they are supposed to be better but i think they are worse. i do like soul silver and heart gold a little but id much rather play the older ones

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  • SuperKingC77:

    i would really have to suggest soulsilver to you. silver and gold are probably the series high point, and they are very good remakes.

    I can't describe how much my mind was blown when I first walked into Goldenrod city and all the windows lit up as night fell. the second generation of games is by far still my favorite.


  • Well i might give it a look...yall say its rlly epic so i might try it out

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