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Welcome to the Pokémon Fan Club! Discuss news, strategies, and anything else Pokémon related with other pokémon trainers!

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  • Forum Post: A heads up

    I am sure theres an Event thread but I couldnt find it. Anyways, for those of you not already aware, Keldeo is now available at Gamestop. I picked it up a few days ago, and its pretty impressive despite its ridiculous appearance. I was going to use it instead of the evolved water starter, but because...
  • Forum Post: Specialty Teams

    Do you guys make teams based around one type or stat? Like... a team built for speed or defense? I like making teams of one type. Before B/W released, I relied heavily on an all poison team. It consisted of Roserade, Toxicroak, Gengar, Skuntank, Nidoking, and Tentacruel. The team performed to great effect...
  • Forum Post: Re: Sooooo............ What`s your Poke team?

    My DREAM Pokemon team would include: 1. Frosslass 2. Spirtomb 3. Gengar 4. Darkrai 5. Gallade 6. Dusknoir *I have a real love for ghost, psychic and dark Pokemon lol
  • Forum Post: Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon Moves

    Which seems the coolest . Mine is Giga Drain ( I don't know why though ) and my Aggron's almost always OHKO Headsmash.
  • Forum Post: The Bug Pokemon Appreciation Thread

    I've noticed there's a lot of hate going around for the proud and powerful bug pokemon in this group. Well I'm out to change that with this, the bug appreciation thread! check out all these awesome bug pokemon and chime in to post your support of bug pokemon!!! Look at Heracross! he's...
  • Forum Post: Do You Play/Collect the TCG?

    Hey everyone. I'm just curious to see how you guys like the Pokemon Trading Card game, as I've noticed that's a waek spot in the club. So, do you guys collect, trade, batlle, or just don't like it? I like collecting and trading, as you guys possibly could see. What's your verdict...
  • Forum Post: Re: Pokemon Fanart

    Here are some cool ones I found. I'll try digging up some more later :)
  • Forum Post: Pokemon Music

    The Pokemon music is awesome. Let it be the Lugia song to remixes, it is just simply amazing. As this picks up steam, you guys should download the Missingno Tracks: they are free and they sound awesome- the even the opening from FR/LG and Jigglypuff Choir!
  • Forum Post: What would you name your team if Pokemon were alive?

    I would name mine... Charizard (M) - Scorch Plusle (F) - Patches Garvadore (F) - Serene Mudkip (F) - Slaps Leafeon (F) - Aroma Scizor (M) - Ghost
  • Forum Post: Which game would you like to see remade?

    Yellow or Emerald, as they really made a difference as the 3rd game. I would rather have Yellow though.
  • Forum Post: What type(s) should the next EEVEEloution be?

    I have to go with a Poison and a Fighting.
  • Forum Post: Do you nickname your Pokes?

    I nickname the ones that I plan on using indefinitely or for a long time. Anything else that are just for the sake of Pokedex entries or whatever I don't even bother. I also don't name legendaries because that just feels weird. Typhlosion(M) - Spike[Named after the main character in Cowboy Bebop...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Pokemon Movies

    What are your favorite Pokemon movies?
  • Forum Post: Parties in Pokemon If They Were Alive

    This would be awesome. Going on your own adventure to be the best would be exciting with your Pokefriends. Mine would be (In their form caught)... The Starter- Charmander (Charizard) The New Guy- Plusle (Plusle) The Water Type- Marill (Azumirill) The Support- Ralts (Garvedor)) The Ninja- Scyther (Scizor...
  • Forum Post: Ruby and Sapphire Remakes

    What do you think the Ruby and Sapphire remakes will be called?
  • Forum Post: Pokemon's Death

    they are killing pokemon slowly
  • Forum Post: Do You Still Watch the Anime?

    I used to watch every episode of the anime, but I stopped watching it after generation four started. Do you still watch it?
  • Forum Post: What Is Your Favorite Pokémon Game?

    What's your favorite pokemon game? Mine would have to be Pokemon Emerald. It took everything that Ruby and Saphire did right, and fixed everything that they did wrong.
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