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Welcome to the Pokémon Fan Club! Discuss news, strategies, and anything else Pokémon related with other pokémon trainers!

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  • Forum Post: Favorite Villain/Evil Team

    My favorite villain is Cyrus from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. To me it seems like he is the first Pokemon villain that is truly evil because of his motives to destroy the world and make a new one where he is the ruler. Basically, he wants to be a god and I don't think anything can get more evil...
  • Forum Post: Who's That Pokémon?

    Here's how it works: -One person will describe a pokémon. -Everyone else will guess which pokémon the asker is describing. -Whoever gets it right will ask the next question. -If you're the asker, you can use words or pictures to describe the pokémon.
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