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What Happened To Pokemon?

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  • My question what happened to the Pokemon we all used to know? Growing up i used to be a big fan of Pokemon. From its original on the Game Boy to the DS Lite. The game that i thought completely changed Pokemon was Black and white. from black and white and on , i thought that it was stupid and make no sense. The story was not original and the Pokemon were just straight up weird. The legendary look like deformed animals, They just don't look right. what does Game Informer think about this?

  • I can see where your coming from. Black and white did change a lot in terms of the story and structure of the game. However, personally I dont feel all the changes were bad. I very much enjoyed the more structured story of black and white over the more amorphous and barebones plots of the other generations. and as for character design, i believe gen 4 was the real low point in the series, and 5 was a bit of a revival afterwords, though of course that is all up to personal opinion. I will agree with you the legendaries in gen 5 were awful though, by far the series worst in terms of visual design.

  • After FireRed, I felt the Pokemon series really needed a reboot of some sort. I mean it was great to play with old favorites in the updated format, but it started to feel repetitive. Diamond/Pearl felt really boring to me and 5/6 of my team was from Gen 1.  Couple that with SoulSilver in which my entire team was Gen 1,2 and I felt the charm was lost.

    I know people love the earlier Gens the best and what not, but I'd been playing the same game for years and years. It starts to get boring after a while. Especially when it feels like (or is) the same maps, same gyms, same pokemon, and same weird/kiddie avatars (what happened to Silver btw?). Then Black/White gave me a revival.

    New world, new older looking characters, new structured story, and especially new pokemon. I know you may feel the designs are uninspired, but each generation has duds for their designs. They also have their cool ones. Anyway, I really loved the Black/White series and though my available time to play them is shorter, I did enjoy every minute of it.

    I am kind of iffy about X/Y though. The cell-shaded 3D looks weird to me, but there really isn't much to go by at this point. Plus that legendary Stag looks freakin' awesome.

  • I strongly disagree with Pokemon going downhill. Personally, I like Red/Blue, LOVED Gold/Silver, and could not stand Ruby/Sapphire. I felt like Diamond/Pearl were a little bit of an improvement, but I completely fell back in love with the series with Black/White, and moreso Black2/White2. I felt that the story is really what made B/W stand out. Sure, it was still collect 8 badges and become champion, defeat an evil organization, but it was the first game that explored the morality of being a Pokemon Trainer. Despite their actual tactics, Team Plasma made me wonder a few times if they were actually "evil."

    Are Pokemon merely tools to be used, or were they meant to be befriended? N was absolutely the greatest antagonist in the series history.

  • Well thx to all that replied!!

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