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Specialty Teams

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  • Do you guys make teams based around one type or stat? Like... a team built for speed or defense? I like making teams of one type. Before B/W released, I relied heavily on an all poison team. It consisted of Roserade, Toxicroak, Gengar, Skuntank, Nidoking, and Tentacruel. The team performed to great effect.

    I have the makings of a dark team in Black right now but have yet to level/evolve some of them. Krookadile, Vullaby, Deino, Houndoom, Sharpedo, and Weavile/Bisharp... havent decided on that last member yet.

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  • Spiritomb has it's uses, and no weakness either

  • My team always consists of mainly fast Pokèmon of varying types.


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  • The only team like that ive used is my flying type party, consisting of skarmory, zatu, braviary, gyrados, charizard, and dragonite. short on tanking ability, but  skarmory's high defense and dragonite's plethora of resistances generally means it doesnt cause much trouble.

  • @Icarus - I favor fast pokemon, too.

    @SuperKing - I have used a team of flying pokemon, too. I went with Salamence, Charizard, Crobat, Honchkrow, Skarmory, and Mantine... looking back, Gyarados would have been better than Mantine.

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  • I'm more or less would call myself a dragon tamer. I love dragon types and  even ones who aren't technically dragons (ex: charizard and gyrados) although I do include swampert (when hes not a dragon at all). I usually don't rely on stat moves or items and almost all my pokemon's moves are attacks and I usually have them learn a move that covers their weakness. My best examples are teaching salamace hydropump to cover its weakness against rock types and teaching swampert blizzard or ice beam to cover grass types. I do it while they're young because for me the more I get them to use it the more accurate it gets with them where they pretty much do it naturally when they're older (in emrald my swampert would do it all on its own in that one challenge area where you don't controll the match and its based off their natures)

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