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Master Ball

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  • Now for every Pokemon game you always get a Master Ball to use on the Pokemon of your choosing. Some how they were able to make one and then forget how to make more. What do you use it on? The first legendary you see? Or one of the plenty of others that are after it? Do you throw it at an ordinary Pokemon you see out in the wild? Or are you one of those trainers who save it forever and manage to caught all of the games legendary Pokemon with Poke Balls? Tell your stories of your experiences with the Master Ball.

  • Well, when I was a wee trainer, I got the Master Ball and thus proceeded to catch Wild Pokemon in order get Prof. Oak's super special item that needed 50 pokemon to obtain. Upon finding a Tangela underneath Pallet, I ran out of Pokeballs and so I threw my Masterball to catch it.

    After discovering Mewtwo and the fact that you can't get any more Masterballs, I proceeded to restart my game and saved it for him. I've saved my Masterball for the game cover Legendary for every game since.

  • I havent used the master ball in the last 7 or so games I have played, so i have a bunch stored up XD

  • I generally never use my Master Ball, but I used it on the first time I saw Moltres in FireRed. I regretted it after I caught the Articuno and Zapdos with Ultra Balls. Then once I found Mewtwo I was so upset because it was impossible for me to catch it. I must have tried a hundred times.

    I also used a Master Ball on an Absol that I don't remember catching.

  • I'm too lazy to fight the cover legendary so I simply use the master ball on it and get it over with.  Any other legendary I come across either ends up K.O'd, left alone, or in an Ultra Ball.  I didn't care much for using the legendary much.


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  • I started out playing the original pokemon blue, and after I got to lavendar town, I wanted an Onix, because Onix is amazing and could kill any pokemon. I had to have one. So I used the master ball, because Onix are amazing, and hard to catch. 

    Ever since then, I only use the masterball as my last option. I'm proud to say the majority of the legendaries I've caught are retained within either pokeballs, or ultra balls. 


  • I personally would have liked to have caught all my legendaries with a regular Poke Ball rather than an Ultra Ball (because I like Poke Balls more) but I have most legendaries caught inside Ultra Balls.

    Icarus hahaha. That's so funny. I've never heard of anyone that plays like that. You don't care about any of the legendaries? Now that each game practically has more than 5 in it.

  • I never use Master Balls. I have a few of them now. I only use Master Balls if I don't want to spend the time.

    My friend once wasted a Master Ball on a Tauros.

  • You carry your Master Balls from game to game? I try and do that too, but I don't know why.

  • I usually keep Master Balls with me in case I run out of regular balls. But I use them mostly for Legendary Pokemon. I also liked the animation you got for using a Master Ball.

  • First time I ever used it was on a Graveler in Team Magma's hideout. After learning my mistake, I moved to keeping it for legendaries. I now mainly use Masterballs for fleeing Legendaries like Latios or Suicune. Now if I could figure out how to catch Mewtwo without it...




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  • I've always used the master ball on the actual main legendary pokemon and not the lessers. My main reasoning was that if you went to get them as soon as you could, you would almost never have the right level of pokemon with you that would be able to fight the pokemon where it was. And also unless you had a bunch of restorative items, max repels (which only really work if your lead is stronger than the ones there), or wait to level yours up; yours wouldn't have the strength or pp left enough to wear it down for any other type of ball.

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  • Same problem Hobo Baggins. I wasted my Master Ball and couldn't catch Mewtwo.

  • I always use it on Mewtwo. If he isn't available to catch, I don't use it. I actually just caught the lvl 70 fire/bug legendary in the Relic Castle area in Black Version with my strongest pokemon being a level 62 Serperior... only took 3 Ultra Balls. Yea, I was EXCITE.

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  • I love when you get to finish legendary catches fast. It just saves so much time and resources. Congrats on your catch Jolt.

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