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Do you like Animal Crossing? If you do, then come on in to the Animal Crossing group! Talk about anything Animal Crossing-related like villagers, holidays, etc.

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    Animal Crossing: Jump Out Brand-New Details Announced It has been a while since we last heard some brand-new information about Animal Crossing: Jump Out, the next installment in the Animal Crossing series, but Nintendo has finally revealed some more information regarding the sequel to Animal Crossing...
  • Forum Post: Holidays Discussion

    If you have ever played an Animal Crossing game, you should know that the holidays we get in real life are in this game along with a few made up holidays (Festivale, anyone?). What are your favorite holidays? What holidays do you wish that Nintendo will add? You can talk all about the holidays, here...
  • Forum Post: Animal Crossing: Jump Out! (3DS Version) Discussion

    As we all should know by now, Nintendo announced Animal Crossing for the 3DS back in E3 2010, and Animal Crossing 3D is coming out this Autumn in Japan. It is also planned on being released in early 2013 for other territories. There are many new additions to the game like the ability to go to the mall...
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