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Was Apollo Justice a worthy successor to the Phoenix Wright trilogy?

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  • With the Phoenix Wright trilogy over, where could've Capcom go from there? They couldn't simply re-hash another PW game, since they tied it up so neatly. So they brought in a new lawyer, a new secret weapon, and a whole new cast with some familiar faces. This became Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Was it as good as the original games?

    No. The music wasn't as catchy (although there are multiple great songs, all the music in Phoenix Wright was exceptional.), the dialogue wasn't as funny, the prosecutor isn't as creative as Franziska or Godot, and Trucy (your assistant) isn't as funny as Maya, althouugh Trucy has a pair of underwear which she can put inside. But that's beside the point. However, it is still a fun game, with a bunch of twists thrown in. Kristoph Gavin is a decieving villian, so when you break him, it's satisfying as all hell. Phoenix Wright is also in it, and he's clever as ever. How he lost his badge is a great set-up, and I loved how you get to play it out. Speaking of which, the final act is lengthy and very memorable, in my opinion.

    All in all, I think Apollo Justice was a worthy successor to Phoenix Wright. But enough about that. What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

    P.S: Sorry it took so long to get this up. I was just waiting to get a member.

  • To be honest Phoenix Wright story was not closed so tightly,because if that would have been the case then Phoenix would have not appeared in the AJ game.I like Apollo and Trucy but my main complain is not that they changed the attorney.My  main complain is what they did to Phoenix.

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