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The Digimon Data Club

Do you like Digimon? Then this group is for you!

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  • Forum Post: Digimon Questions Answered!!!

    Not to beat a dead Pegasusmon, but the group is quiet. I started a thread to answer anyone's questions about Digimon. I'm more knowledgeable about the anime than anything else, but if you have a question I will research it and try to find an answer for you within a day or two. This includes the...
  • Forum Post: Who's that Digimon?

    This will work simialr to the Who's that pokemon? thread. I will give clues. then, you try to guess who it is. Whoever anwsers first correctly does the next clue. I will go first for an example. -mega level -digivolves from 6 other digimon -in the bible,the word its based on means the end of the...
  • Forum Post: Who's Your Favorite Digimon?

    Hello, everyone! I just created this group, so post whatever Digimon stuff you like. In this post, leave whoever your favorite digimon is. Mine is Gaomon. How about you?
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