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Digimon Questions Answered!!!

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  • Not to beat a dead Pegasusmon, but the group is quiet.  I started a thread to answer anyone's questions about Digimon.  I'm more knowledgeable about the anime than anything else, but if you have a question I will research it and try to find an answer for you within a day or two.  This includes the anime, manga, TCG, or video games.  The digital world can be complicated, but I will try my best to find an acceptable answer for any Digimon-related questions!  :D

  • Woah, there's Digimon manga? In the anime, how does the storyline work?

  • Basically the Digital or Real Worlds are in trouble (or both) because of an evil Digimon.  The DigiDestined come across a Digivice somehow in their regular daily life in the Real World and are eventually assembled and taken to the Digital World by some crazy unseen way.  In Digimon Adventure 02 they leap into the computer monitors in their school's computer lab.  In Digimon Frontier there are actual trains that run to the Digital World deep under Shibuya Station!  The DigiDestined eventually are key to saving the worlds, sometimes traveling back-and-forth throughout the season.  They overcome personal weaknesses, gel as a team, and grow as people with the help of their companion Digimon and working together.

    Now the really cool part!  The Digimon brand is not as well defined as Pokemon is.  Almost every season has a completely different vision of what the digital world is, and of course there are new DigiDestined in every season.  I like it because it really lets the writers and producers bring their vision of what the Digital World could be to life.  And technology and the Web changes so fast in real-life that this idea is plausible.  A lot of fans don't like certain seasons for that reason.  Also, the Digimon vary.  Agumon is Agumon in the original Digimon Adventure.  But in Digimon Savers (which I just started watching) Agumon is completely different...  Instead of "Agumon" he's an agumon....  if you know what I mean.  To me that's a little weird.  I wish there was more consistency with the characters of the Digimon....  but there are many of the same type (like Pokemon) where you can have Ash's Pikachu and another pikachu that's not Pikachu.....  if that makes sense.....

    I wish I could read the manga!  Pokemon has manga too right?  Thanks for participating benderstrike64.   I love this group!  and I luv you for keeping it going.  :D

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