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Nintendo Video

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  • Hey guys!  I was curious about your thoughts on the Nintendo Video app for 3DS.  Other than saying the UVPHACTORY "Drown in the Now" video was SO awesome, Dinosaur Office is funny, and Yans & Gans kind of stupid, what do you guys think of the interface?  Four random video-like things just pop up and disappear at will, and it could be anything from 3D Net clips like sweet skateboarding or car racing, funny cartoons, music videos or that hella-lame Haunted Halloween mining town thing.....  It's just a really odd feature....  I mean I like having it, and watching what Nintendo uploads to it, but it seems kind of weird that you can't save anything you really like, or even customize what fills those four boxes, if say you want just cartoons or 75% music videos or whatever....  What do you guys think?  Also, if you see anything on Nintendo Video you think is really awesome, stupid or just want to share a thought on, this would be a good forum to comment on the app.  I like that you get Gold Coins in Club Nintendo for downloading Nintendo Video, and the app itself is always sort of interesting, just odd that you have no content control or ability to save or tab things you'd like to see again later....  And "Drown in the Now" rocked!!  3DS is awesome!

  • i don't like Nintendo video cause it craps up the internet at my house so i un-install it and i don't really regret doing it tbh:)

  • I liked the Kid Icarus: Uprising promotional anime, but I eventually deleted it to make room for stuff I actually used. It's flawed, though I did like some of the videos.

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

  • I think it's a fifty-fifty for Nintendo Video. Half of the videos are good and half of them are bad. I think the UI is alright. I really only watch Dinosaur office and some of the music videos. I don't care about the 3D channel clips and previews for movies.

  • On Nintendo Video (3DS):  a pretty cool video from Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk!

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