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Games You Are Playing

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  • This thread is to talk about any and all 3DS games you're playing. You can tell your thoughts/opinions of 3DS games.

  • After playing the Heroes of Ruin demo a couple of times, I don't feel like GameInformer gave it enough credit with their review. I agreed with them on a couple of things (graphics) but I felt overall it was a pretty good game. But I only played the demo so I could be way off.

  • I have been playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones a lot since about February, so I am trying to beat the game. I am finally on the last chapter (it is really hard!)! I also got Pilotwings Resort at the end of June and I am enjoying that game. Plus, on July 14th I got Kirby's Pinball Land and that is a great game. I also got Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters yesterday, and I am now stuck on the puzzle level to the first boss. :/

    @musicalham: I tried out the Heroes of Ruin demo too, but I don't really like it. I thought the game would be fun before I downloaded the demo, but I found it to be pretty boring. I don't know why, but I just don't like it.

  • I've been working on a bunch of games for the 3DS, but I'll just focus on the retail games I've been playing. I unlocked expert mode in Star Fox 64 3D and I've been trying to get all the medals in Nintendo 64 mode, i'm missing 3. I've also been hard at work in Kid Icarus, I've been trying to get 100% (or at least near it), so I've been replaying old chapters and completing treasure hunts. Last 3DS retail game I've been playing is Mario Tennis Open. I've just been completing tournaments but I recently finished all the special games.

  • That's intense. Do you usually play each game you get until you clear it 100%?

  • Typically no. Usually I play the game until I beat it. If it has a new game+ then, I go back to it eventually. Kid Icarus and Mario Kart 7 are one of the few games I've felt compelled to complete 100% though.

  • I bought Kingdom Hearts 3D: Mark of Mastery edition on release day. I really like it so far. What I don't like is the whole drop concept, where you'll play as one character for a limited amount of time, then switch to the other, often in the middle of a battle. I would've rather had it like in Birth By Sleep, where you play in separate campaigns.

  • I still want to get Birth by Sleep. My cousin got the regular edition of Kingdom Hearts 3D so I've been playing 357/2 and I never played the original games so the story doesn't make total sense yet. The booklet summarizes some of it though so I'm not totally in the dark.

  • I started Paper Mario. It's really good. It goes back to more the the Thousand Year Door RPG gameplay but not entirely. GameInformer's review summed it up pretty well. I really dislike that you can't choose which opponent you want to hit; you have to hit them in order from left to right. I also thought you would be stuck with 20 HP the entire game until I found a heart container. Overall I'm really enjoying and the levels are fairly long, so it will be a while before I finish it.

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